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Excellent video of cat rescue from ‘huge’ house fire

Cat rescued from house fire. Screenshot.

I like this video of a cat rescue from a house fire. It has quality. It made for some excellent still images via screenshots. I believe that the events occurred in 8.05.19.

Cat rescued from house fire. Screenshot.

House fires are obviously devastating for the family and far too often the family cat is killed probably by smoke inhalation while the owners get out. That’s a beef of mine.

This fire is not ‘huge’ as described but it looks pretty typical. And thanks to the firefighters the family cat was rescued and reunited with her/his owner.

The comments on the video are interesting and dare I say it amusing. It is improper to be amused, I admit.

When she said “youre all wet were where you?” to her cat

I went 😫😰😭

Yes, it is fairly obvious why her cat was wet. Hundreds of gallons of water was hosed through a hole in the roof that they had cut. That alone would wreck the contents of the house. But it was entirely necessary. I wonder how much damage is done with water compared to flames in house fires.

“dk if they said it already but the lack of thank yous to the firefighters is awkward”

Yes, did she thank the firefighters? It is a thought. Perhaps she did and that bit of the video was edited out. Or perhaps she just forgot because of the drama of the moment. I’d hope that she did thank them later if she forgot to at the time. American firefighters save the live of a lot of family cats. We see it all the time but this video is the best I have seen for image quality.

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  • So far I'm amused by the comment she made as they're going through the damage to find stuff she may need at the moment... "SHOES. If I can get all the shoes!". Also she came right out and confessed that she's sure she knew what started the fire... incense that she left burning. There goes any chance of an insurance claim. Wow.

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