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Executive director of large animal shelter network tried to gag workers and now faces multiple criminal charges — 3 Comments

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  2. No confidentially clause can prevent you from reporting a crime or release you from the moral obligation to do so.
    Employees who work at any level in high kill shelters probably fare no better physiologically that those that work in commercial factory slaughterhouses.
    Gag orders are usually requested by either party in litigation and issued by a judge to keep employees from talking and contaminating an investigation and to protect evidence. You would also be prohibited from talking to anyone including reporters while the gag order was in force.

  3. Long ago I cut my teeth on rescue by reading the flyer AHS published — does anyone remember it? It contained many b&w photos of shelter animals with little rhyming descriptions underneath. So sad so see this happen — ghastly for the animals of course but also tragic for Ms. Trezza after a lifetime devoted to what was a monumental task. Not defending her either — I have no firsthand knowledge — but someone really needs to do a study of the life cycle of shelterers and rescuers. So many suicides, etc. Is it a sense of failure, the feeling that one has lost the fight? In this case was there a loss of capacity as suggested above? Attempt to “muzzle” volunteers may have been a desperate effort to reassert an inner sense of control she felt was slipping away. Tragic in every sense of the word — & the fierce personal attacks posted on the link don’t get beneath the surface (though I can understand the anger too). BTW, several important lawsuits regarding shelter volunteers & control over them have recently been wending their way through US courts.

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