Exotic Shorthair and Persian are adorable in “US Mail Carrier Pup” and “UPS Pal” costumes.

This pair are a ginger tabby Exotic Shorthair whose name is Ollie and a smokey-white flat-faced Persian whose name is Eric. They are on Instagram. Their caretaker reassures the viewers by saying: “All dressed up for Halloween 😃 Please note – we ordered a size too big for them so they would be comfortable. We only recorded for 1 minute, they had treats the whole time and didn’t even notice the outfits!“. There is no sound and sometimes videos stop working because they are removed at source. If this has happened I am sorry but I can’t control that.

Eric and Ollie mail delivery boys
Eric and Ollie mail delivery boys. Screenshot from video on Instagram.
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I understand that PETA don’t like this sort of thing. I think it is okay because it is done in a managed way which mitigates criticism for the reason stated by the owner. Using cats for entertainment is okay as long as it is limited and does not enter the realms of abuse.

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