Male Exotic shorthair brown tabby-and-white

Male Exotic shorthair brown tabby-and-white

When you discuss the Exotic Shorthair you also discuss the Persian because, as you no doubt know, the former is a shorthaired version of the latter.

Although the history of the Persian cat is much longer than that of the Exotic Shorthair.

Gloria Stephens in her book Legacy of the Cat said that until the late 1960s Persians in North America retained their longer muzzles.

Nowadays in America they have flat faces with associated health problems and the same applies to the Exotic.

This change was due to decades of selective breeding in a process of what the breeders would describe as “refinement”. It is a process that others would describe as disfigurement against the breed standard concerning health issues which is an umbrella standard covering all breed standards.

The Persian cat of the past have no resemblance whatsoever to modern-day Persian cats in America. In fact, the Persian cats in America today have no genetic connection whatsoever to the original cats which ostensibly come from what was known as Persia and is now known as Iran.

There is a big questionmark as to the origin of the Persian. I don’t think it actually originates in Iran at all but probably nearby Turkey.

The pointed version or variant of the Persian is the Himalayan. All three cats share the same standard.

If you want to read more about the Exotic Shorthair please click the link above the photograph on this page.

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