Extraordinary face of a male hairless cat

This is the extraordinary face of a male hairless cat. I have never seen a feline face like it. Although the hairless cats often look very strange. It’s the hairlessness combined with the selective breeding. The breeders try and make their cats look ever stranger to attract attention, and they succeed.

Extraordinary face of a male hairless domestic cat
Extraordinary face of a male hairless domestic cat. Photo: Pinterest and therefore now in the public domain.
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This cat has such a masculine face that I have decided that he can only be male but I am not told that. In fact, there is no information on this cat online as the Twitter feed has been removed. Not sure why. Rather strange. The photo is on Pinterest, that bastion of copyright violations which has destroyed the concept of intellectual property rights for images on the internet.

The eyes of this cat are designed to make him look like an alien. The special effects guys at MGM could not do any better. Perhaps the breeder of this cat took her/his lead from a sci-fi shock-horror film. It is the way the eyes slant upwards and are half closed which make them so effective as alien eyes.

The nose is strangely broad and the mouth and jowly chin are reminiscent of an old, grumpy man who has just shaved. Totally weird which is why I had to republish the photo on this page.

TICA breed standard for the Sphynx states: “Eyes: Large, rounded lemon shape. Slanting to outer corner of ear. Slightly more than an eye width between eyes”. It seems that this cat is not in line with the standard as the eyes should be round. The slanting feature fits, however.

I have modified the image to give it more impact. The original is in colour but I think it looks better in black-and-white with a dark vignette.

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