Extraordinary Japan – cat man

A really strange cat picture. Who does this? The cats have to be incredibly relaxed or even obedient to make this work. Or trained. Whatever. Because the overriding fear is that if something frightening happens in the street the cats will scram. They’d run away and hide. And being in a public place it’d be hell trying to recover them. Despite that negative appraisal, this cat man seems very confident that such a scenario will not happen and it has never happened because he has done this a lot judging by his customised pram.

Extraordinary Japan - cat man
Cat man of Japan. I don’t know where. But how do you achieve this while staying calm and not be anxious about losing your cats in a public place and mayhem ensuing? Image: Pinterest.
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The picture shows seven semi-contemporary purebred Persian cats. I say semi-contemporary as they are flat-faced but their facial anatomy is not too extreme. In other words, they’ve not been bred to extreme to create that distinctly abnormal and chronically unhealthy Persian facial anatomy which causes poor breathing as the nose is squished and tear duct overflow as the tear drainage ducts are distorted and barely function as nature intended.

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