Extraordinary picture of Johnny Depp cradling a young orphaned badger

Johnny Depp visited Folly Wildlife Rescue, Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom, yesterday. While he was there, he was allowed to enjoy the rare privilege of briefly holding Freddie (named after Freddie Mercury) one of the many orphaned badger cubs that the charity is hand rearing. Johnny Depp, they say, was bowled over by the whole experience. They say that he was very complimentary of the rescue operation and the reason why he was there is because the Patron of Folly Wildlife Rescue is Jeff Beck who is a buddy of Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp at Folly Wildlife Rescue holding a young badger raised at the rescue
Johnny Depp at Folly Wildlife Rescue holding a young badger raised at the rescue. Photo: Folly Wildlife Rescue on Facebook.
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Jeff Beck is on a UK tour and was taking a break to visit the rescue. You may remember that Jeff Beck, an English rock guitarist who rose to fame with the Yardbirds, recently enjoyed the company of Johnny Depp at a couple of his shows, one in Sheffield and the other in London at the Royal Albert Hall. Johnny Depp was enjoying the moment after his tortuous defamation trial in Halifax, USA against Amber Heard which he won. On winning he said that he had found peace.

I think it’s fair to say he was bowled over by the whole experience!

The photograph of him cradling an orphaned badger is very unusual and indicates that he likes animals. A woman who commented on the photograph on Facebook, Angela Bicknell, made a good point by saying: “A man who loves animals is good through and through and that can’t be faked. Animals see right through us”. Depp has a lot of fans and was overwhelmingly the favourite throughout the trial. A lot of people believe him when he says that he has never been violent towards women despite the fact that he admits to having drink and drug problems which, as I recall, were born out of bad early childhood experiences.

Beck’s wife Sandra brought Depp to the rescue to visit them. It is a great shame that Folly Wildlife Rescue did not take better photographs of him and make a video! Sorry to be so negative about it, but as far as I can see all we have is a single, rather poor quality still photograph. Still, better one than none.

Folly Wildlife Rescue was founded by Annette Risley (1955-2021).

Forgive me for briefly changing course in writing about badgers rather than cats. Sometimes I feel the need to do it when something unusual arises. Firstly, I am a fan of Johnny Depp and I like many others predicted the outcome of his defamation trial in this favour. Of course, we can’t be sure as to exactly what happened in that dysfunctional relationship but when you listen to him giving evidence in the witness box during this trial you sense that he is a soft individual and unaggressive.

Are you a Johnny Depp fan? If so please comment!

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6 thoughts on “Extraordinary picture of Johnny Depp cradling a young orphaned badger”

  1. No I’m not a fan. I think he should have just ignored his ex wife’s op ed. But he just couldn’t pass up the chance to take her down one more time. He was all about revenge, like Clint Eastwood did to Sondra Locke. I know I was married to a guy just like him. Abused me till I fled 2000 miles away with a 3 month old baby son. Personally I think the jury should have called it a draw and gave neither of them anything. It wasn’t his ex’s op ed that lost him a movie roll but his own drugging and drinking on the last movie he did. Insurance won’t insure a movie when the star is unpredictable.

    • PS seems the jury didn’t believe actress Ellen Barken and how violent he was with her or the make up woman or any of the other “women” that testified. Yup all women lie.

      • I think that you are being a bit unfair but I understand that this case has polarised men and women. Although, it has to be said, that a lot of women supported Johnny Depp in this case. I would go so far as to say that the majority of Johnny Depp supporters during this trial were women. Clearly the jury felt that Johnny Depp’s evidence was more compelling than that of Amber Heard. That’s not to say that men are more believable than women. It just means that Johnny Depp was more believable in this trial than the defendant which is about all we can say. I did feel that before the trial commenced that Johnny Depp would win like, I guess, the vast majority of people judging by the public reaction in protests and gatherings et cetera. This is not about men and women but about two individual people, one man and one woman as it happens the woman was not believed and the man was.

    • I think Johnny Depp felt that he had to sue for defamation in America because he had failed in his effort to sue The Sun newspaper in the UK where it all came out there and the judge found against Johnny Depp. As I recall this was not a jury trial but a judge-made decision. It seems that he felt hard done by because he appears to genuinely feel that the truth had to come out and for him the truth is that he is non-violent and has never hit his ex-wife and I suspect he has never hit anybody if you believe him.

      • I wonder if the US jury knew of his loss against The Sun, probably not. The man is almost always believed over the woman. And we don’t know what went on in the jury room. I was once on a jury and found more than one man bullied us women to vote the way they said we should vote. The US is very patriarchal as is most white societies.

        • Heard’s female lawyer talked to the news media about appealing the decision and she referred to The Sun civil case in London. I’m not sure that the jury knew about The Sun litigation but I think they did actually because it was very high-profile and it is a lead in to this latest civil case which was a successful attempt to rectify what Johnny Depp saw as a wrong namely the failure of his early litigation.


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