Extraordinary pictures of matted fur on abandoned cat

Bob Marley a cat with horrendously matted fur
Photo: Douglas County Animal Care & Services
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I find these pictures of matted cat fur extraordinary. The cat was ‘imprisoned’ by his 4.5 pounds of matted grey coat. He could not move. It must have been painful and very distressing. A really horrible example of cat neglect.

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The cat looks like a monster animal. It shows us how bad things can get with long-haired cat coats if they aren’t maintained by a human caretaker.

This is a grey cat. He was abandoned at the front door or the Douglas County Animal Care & Services shelter in Nevada, USA. On FB the shelter states that he, “was abandoned at our front door on August 13, 2018 at 5:30AM”. Initially the shelter staff were unsure what animal lay beneath the fur!

As is fairly commonplace he had been abandoned with no explanation in a small carrier. In addition to the ghastly matts he was overweight and in great discomfort due to his heavy coat which weighed half the weight of a typical domestic cat. This is a clear case of neglect, quite obviously. It makes think that the former owner may have been ill physically or mentally to allow this to happen. Or perhaps I am being too generous in my assessment.

Someone took the cat to the shelter. Was this the neglectful owner or someone else? If it was the owner she or he was able to make a decision about cat welfare. It was simply made too late.

He was shaved. That’s all it took. I don’t want to pass judgment but it would not have taken much to have made this cat’s life so much better. If the former owner was ill and unable to cope she or he should have sought assistance. There has been terrible neglect no matter how you look at this.

He looks great with his nice haircut and he’s been placed in a good home apparently. It could have happened much sooner.

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