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I made this about three years ago. It shows you how cynical I have become! I’m even worse now. But it amused me, which is peculiar. The serious point is does anyone engage in the black art of extreme couponing when purchasing all manner of pet related goods?

Do we really save money when using discount coupons? Think of the effort involved in saving a few dollars. That time and effort could be used to earn money 😉 . Or do something else that is useful and more enjoyable. I suppose for some people there is enjoyment in messing around with extreme couponing.

Extreme couponing is going to the nth degree to collect and use discount coupons. It takes effort.

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4 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Video”

  1. I wouldn’t call what I buy as bulk, but I buy a lot of cat food and save a good bit of money with coupons. I, mostly, use the $2 off $10, $4 off $20, and $5 off $25 ones. Our pet food stores accept coupons from their competitors, so I can do my one stop shopping at Petsmart with Petco and Pet Supermarket coupons.
    I’m not extreme, but I have run across some very savvy couponers. I find that customers are much more tolerant these days when someone is in the checkout line with a fist full of coups.
    I was second behind such a woman about a year ago with a loaded cart. When it was all said and done, Petsmart OWED her $16 plus change! Everyone in the checkout line applauded.

    • Everyone in the checkout line applauded.

      That makes me smile. It really does. I confess there is something nice about ‘beating’ the big supermarkets. I think you coupon wisely, which is fine. My cynical criticism is about manic extreme couponers who buy in bulk in order to make big savings and then they may have storage and usage issues. It becomes self-defeating. And all time gathering the coupons too. It is just my opinion.

      • Actually, I’ve found that stacking a couple hundred cans (I buy mostly the big 13.3 ounce) really doesn’t take up a lot of space.
        I don’t have any usage issues. Maybe some people do. Maybe, they’re cat food hoarders rather than bulk buyers. LOL!
        My average buy is 60-80 cans at a time. I never considered that bulk since it’s a supply only for a few days.

  2. Some people are really into coupons. I just threw away one for $5 OFF from an online pet site. Keeping track of coupons is usually not worth my time.

    There are people who sell coupons on EBay. And it may be worth buying a coupon to save money on a large purchase at a big box store.

    I usually don’t get motivated for anything less than 20% off.

    If I’m planning an online purchase, which I often do, I check http://www.RetailMeNot.com for coupons. Many times it’s for free shipping, which can amount to good savings.

    Sometimes I save 2-1 restaurant coupons if I know I might be going with a friend, but I rarely eat out.

    Here’s something else that my roommate does. He’s obsessive compulsive, and buys large quantities of things (food/paper products) when they’re on sale.
    Last week, he bought a 36 pack of toilet paper, when he had a 24 pack at home.

    Here’s the clincher. He buys on credit, and thinks he’s saving money, but doesn’t realize he’s actually paying 20% or more in interest! And he’s always talking about being in debt!

    Extreme savings….NOT!


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