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F1 Safari Cat SABINI — 3 Comments

  1. I once saw a large breed wild, rare big cat whose markings look like a boa constrictor. Does anyone know the name of this breed or have a photo. Please forward to me if so. Thank you

    • If the cat you saw was a wild cat it was either a leopard or jaguar, probably a jaguar. Wild cats are not referred to as “breeds” but “species”. If you saw a wild cat hybrid breed of domestic cat, it was probably a Bengal cat with rosettes on the coat (spots with holes in the middle or donuts (doughnuts)).

  2. Excellent.Thanks to “P.O.C” have been learning about some rare unusual cat hybrids and cat breeds.Safari cat Sabini resembles a miniature panther and seems the closest that a human can get to owning and breeding a replica of a “Big Cat”.

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