F1 Savannah cat ‘Titan’ – impressive appearance, great character

TITAN – a male F1 savannah cat in a pet store in the USA with his owner with still images from a video. The cat comes from A1 Savannahs. The still images are by Kathrin Stucki. I also present another video of Titan ‘entertaining the children’ which comes first plus some still images taken at the same time. All the raw material is by Kathrin. I made the videos. This page was first written in 2009 and is in the present tense. I have checked, upgraded, added-to and republished the page as at Jan 22, 2022.

F1 Savannah cat Titan
F1 Savannah cat Titan
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F1 Savannah cat Titan
F1 Savannah cat Titan. Photo: Kathrin Stucki.
Titan F1 Savannah Cat on Leash
Titan F1 Savannah Cat on Leash. Copyright A1 Savannahs.

TITAN is a stunning and very beautifully socialized 12-month-old (at the time of the video 8-09 and still growing) male F1 Savannah cat of real presence and who makes quite an impact when visiting a pet store on a leash with his human companion, Kyle Barnette.

You can see in this short video how TITAN tends to stop people doing their usual activities. He always makes people want to stroke him. And you know what, he always obliges and lots more.

F1 Savanah cat Titan
F1 Savanah cat Titan. Screenshots from Kathrin Stucki’s video.

He head butts anyone who comes to him and is friendly towards them. A store is a potentially disturbing place for a domestic cat but TITAN handles it beautifully and retains his superb friendliness even when stimulated by all the things that are going on around him – so very impressive.

His relaxed character is due to the excellent socialisation program carried out by A1 Savannahs. Martin and Kathrin spend a lot of time and energy on making sure that their cats are not only stunning examples of the Savannah cat breed but the most well socialized cats as well.

When you watch the video, you can see how accepting and approachable he is. Titan is a very friendly cat. Of course, he is very alert and active. That comes through too on the video.

But for me the most important and most impressive aspect of F1 Savannah cat Titan and Magic (see her in a video) is their relaxed and predictable behavior with people even when under what could be seen as a bit of stress in a relatively noisy and potentially frightening environment such as a pet store (in the case of Titan).

Apparently, Titan goes out quite a lot on his leash with Kyle Barnette.  This obviously acclimatises him to the sounds and smells etc. But he copes brilliantly and as I say in the video makes quite an impact. F1 Savannah Cat TITAN to Savannah Cat.

See Socializing Wildcat Hybrids (video of Martin Stucki bottle feeding Savannah cat kittens) and some more of TITAN charming children.

F1 Savannah cats are beautiful animals as we all now. They are very desirable and as a consequence they are very expensive at about US$25,000. You have to mate a genuine wild, male serval cat with a tabby cat, usually a Savannah cat. The serval is much larger than a domestic cat and therefore I suspect there are some practical difficulties in the mating process. I know that one reason why first filial Savannah cats are so expensive is because of the difficulty in creating them. It should be noted that they are usually (always?) sterile, by the way.

Children with an F1 Savannah cat "Titan"
Children with an F1 Savannah cat “Titan”. Photo: Kathrin Stucki.

People should also note that living with F1 Savannah cat is not quite the same as living with a standard domestic cat. They are more intelligent and more active and more athletic. You need more time with them and you need to make sure that they are stimulated. And of course, you can’t let them go outside at will because they’re too expensive and too glamorous. There is always the danger that they will be stolen. They really do stand out and a lot of people cannot distinguish the F1 Savannah cat from a genuine wild cat. This can create fear. The best way to take your Savannah cat outside is, as you see in the video, on a lead. That means that you will have to train your cat to walk on a lead which might be easier for this particular cat because they are so intelligent.

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