F1 Savannah Kitten FOCUS

by Michael
(Ponca City, OK)

FOCUS is one heck of a boy cat.  He has a great presence even as a little kitten. He is sure to turn into a fabulous F1 adult Savannah cat.

He plays and shares his time with F2 Savannahs. Plenty of rough and tumble goes on and one of the F2s likes to scream at the top of his voice when Focus has his teeth around one of his paws or into one of his ears. Then the F2 comes back for more.

The F1 is noticeably bigger at this stage despite being, as I understand it, the same or of a similar age.

The first picture is of him doing what he really does naturally to a very high standard, hunt! Well, he is incredibly well socialised but you know what they say – there is a wild cat in there that never goes away:

F1 Savannah kitten FOCUS

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Here is the little guy just dying to explore outside, but, no, its too dangerous for F1 Savannah kittens out there:

F1 Savannah kitten FOCUS

Then we can see him asleep on a wicker chair. The contrast in texture and colour is nice, I think:

F1 Savannah kitten FOCUS

And then we have to have him on the logs next to an A1 Savannahs cap that Martin kindly gave me this morning. He makes a great advert for A1 Savannahs, I think:

F1 Savannah cat FOCUS

All the photos are by me, Michael at PoC, and I think he turned in a great performance for the camera, although I had to chase him all over the place to get the pictures!

These guys are live wires and when they are done they curl up together and fall into a deep sleep.

F1 Savannah kitten FOCUS to Savannah cats

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F1 Savannah Kitten FOCUS

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May 24, 2010Ruth
by: Maggie Sharp You certainly wouldn’t think that he was a grown man, would you? For 28 what he did and the things he said were incredibly immature! I don’t think I’ll ever get over it, and the look on Mae’s face will never leave me. Mae is allowed out a lot of the time, she just wanders around yard, but people are always outside with her, she’s never out alone. At times she has taken off out the door, but she’s a loyal girl and always comes home. But I would not blame her if one day her loyalty ran out. As my brother is not the only one who agrees with that method of descipline, though, no one else really carries it out to such an extent!In my opinion, if they are prepared to hurt Mae they must accept the fact that she has every right to react. If she claws someone in self defense that’s only natural, and is not Mae’s fault. I’ve seen cats when their tollerance runs thin, and they won’t hesitate to defend themselves. This is why I don’t clip Chilli’s claws anymore, if he needs to defend himself against anything, whether it be human or not, I believe he has every right to do so, and by clipping his claws I suppose I’m taking that right away… I would LOVE to see pet welfare laws, like what you have, here… It would make life for all animals a lot better.

May 24, 2010Maggie
by: Ruth I was imagining your brother was a teenager or younger,a grown man of 28 should know better than that.It’s awful. If Mae ever went outdoors she’d probably run away and find a new home and who could blame her.Your mother has to stop him ! I’d be arranging for him to get a good going over himself one dark night by a tough man a lot bigger than him ! I know plenty who would do it lol but they’re too far away.
Yes our Pet Welfare law covers that and all kinds of other stuff, like all pets have to live as fitting to their species, I think there’s even a bit that says they have to be amused,not left alone too long etc etc ….it’s a great law and might put a few people off abusing their pets.But there are bad people all over the world including here who don’t care about any laws.
I really don’t know how cruel people sleep at night,they must have no conscience.

May 24, 2010Ruth
by: Maggie Sharp The funny thing is Ruth, he’s not a child, he’s 28. Mae was terrified. I’m not sure what it’s like in the UK, but if someone hits your pet here you can’t really do anything. I’m very protective over Chilli, I don’t believe in physical discipline at all, I think that not only physical pain occurs as a result, but also emotional. It’s so hard to get this through to people… I felt so horrible for Mae, as she is naturally a very timid girl, so it takes a lot of time and effort to gain her trust, only recently have I been getting results with her. She’s a wonderful cat, and I hate to see people mistreating her. I would do anything to have her here with Chilli and I…

May 24, 2010Maggie
by: Ruth Oooh Maggie, poor little Mae.Your brother is so different to you ! That is awful.I bet you felt like punching his lights out !Bad enough if he does it in his own house but to do it so boldly in your mother’s house was inexucable.Anyone treating a cat like that in our country could be prosecuted.His own poor cat must live in fear of him.
He seriously needs educating about cats and that you should never hit them, they bruise easily and they never forget.A slap can even cause internal bleeding too and knocking cats off furniture can result in broken bones.I’ve seen it many times when working with vets,I’m glad we have our Pet Welfare law here now although it probably still happens,thankfully I’m out of the heartache of that job these days and trying to keep my temper when dealing with ignorance and cruelty.
Also your mother needs to be aware that a young person who thinks it’s OK to hurt an animal, often goes on to hurt children in the future.
You can’t do a great lot as he probably won’t listen to you, but your mother must sit him down and put him straight.
I’m so sorry Maggie, it’s horrible for you who would never lift even one finger to any cat.
We know cats are not inferior to us, in fact in my opinion a lot of people are inferior to cats.
Kattaddorra signature Ruth 

May 23, 2010Ruth
by: Maggie Sharp I agree, Ruth. I don’t know why people say that they own cats, but I do know that some people are too selfish and stubborn to think otherwise. Yesterday I was proved of this, and I will never forget it. It was my mother’s birthday and our family had gone to her house to celebrate, Mae was happily running around in the excitment of things and was just being a cat. She was even chewing my shoes, which was fine if it made her happy, I can always get more shoes.. But then she did something so general and intentless, she jumped on a chair. Big mistake. My brother, who I never see very often, jumped from where we was sitting and slapped Mae then pushed her off the chair. I was so mad, and I told him that was wrong, and do you know what he said back?! He said that cats were domesticated by humans and they are therefore under the power of humans, and physical discipline is okay. To sum it all up, he basically said that cats are inferior to humans, Mae is inferior to him. From that moment on, he slapped Mae no matter what she jumped on, she even jumped on a small table next to me for some pats, but within seconds she was sent flying off again. I stormed out and told him what I thought of him. I will never let him near little Chilli, and I feel sorry for his current cat.So, some people just think that because they’re humans they’re superior to everything else. I don’t think that’s true. I find humans disgusting, and I’m ashamed to be one. Everywhere humans go misery follows. You’ll find that more people will say ‘I own a cat’ in the sense that it is their property. I understand that we purchase cats with omoney, but a cat is a living this, it has a life, just because you buy it doesn’t mean you have ownership of its life…

May 23, 2010Caged
by: Petra A cage is an enclosure, is a pen, is a coop, is a prison, is a corral, is a lock-up, is a jail, is a crate, is a pound, is an incarceration. All synonyms of cage.

May 23, 2010Praye for them all
by: Anonymous Deare Lorde take goode care of all thy captive creatures in cages and enclouseres and in zoos and circusese.
Also all thy smalle creatures in cages in theire homes or trapped in abusive lifestylese of any kinde.
Also the ones whiche suffere at the cruele hands of veterinariane surgeonse who operate to please theire unfeelinge clientele.
Forgivinge these people is very harde to do.

May 23, 2010Too sad
by: Ruth Yes Michael, every creature should have the right to live as Nature intended but as you say, not everyone agrees.
I can’t bear to look at your other pages about those captive animals,it makes me too sad, cages or enclosures no matter how big still take their freedom from them.
What right have we, who came to this world many many years after animals, to have power over them and possess them for our own pleasure or gain ?
I personally hate the word ‘own’ I have never owned a cat in the 36 years of having them in my life, to own is to possess and we have no right to possess any living creature. We are merely their caretakers.
Kattaddorra signature Ruth 

May 23, 2010Cats
by: Maggie Sharp I think the term ‘enclosure’ is more sutible than ‘cage’ when regarding A1 SVs. I went on their website last night, and it does not at all look like they’re in cages. I know a lady who rescued several Servals, about 10, and she said that it’s not bad for them to live out of the wild, because they weren’t born in the wild, but it’s risky because they’re so hard to look after. And if they don’t have a committed owner, it could destroy their lives… I, personally, would love to own a Serval, but I wouldn’t have the time to look after them. You constantly need to be there for them, they can only be alone for a few hours… I think breeding them is okay, so long as it’s moderated. There is a lady who always posts to a Chausie Yahoo! group, and she has about 5 females constantly in with her Jungle Cat, it’s disgusting, the poor boy never gets a break….Showing cats is okay, as most cats actually like it, and if a cat doesn’t the majority of people stop showing that cat. I plan on getting my own show cat in a year or so, I want to bring the Aby (or Somali) breed back to Tassie!!

The main reason that SVs have to be kept indoors only, is because a lot of them have the hunting skills of the Servals, Servals are flight hunters and are VERY successful at catching birds etc. When you own a cat you HAVE to respect other animals of which they threat, and SVs threaten many different species. Which is why they’re illegal in many places, they’ll most likely never be legal here.

May 23, 2010I see
by: Babz Ah, thanks for that Michael, as a lover of the domestic mog I’m not up on fancy breeding mechanics. They are beautiful cats, it’s sad that they are not allowed normal cats lives. Anyway I hope that little chap has a good life. I agree with your philosophy that nothing should be caged and that we are all equal, I honestly think that such beliefs only come to us when we really understand how precious and fragile all forms of life are.

May 22, 2010Hi
by: Michael First, I agree, I hate caging anything. That is my personal view – others think differently. Second, F1 = first fillial or first generation from the wild. This means that FOCUS’s father was a serval wild cat and his mother a savannah cat.F2 = second fillial = second generation. So if FOCUS had kids they would be F2s…and so on.

Every creature in the world should be allowed to live naturally – full stop. And in my book all creatures are equal and that includes us. Few others agree that.

Michael Avatar

May 22, 2010Beautiful kitten
by: Babz Well there’s no denying he is a beautiful kitten, as all kittens are whether they are hybrid or plain old moggies, and he looks as though he’s going to want to know everything there is to know as soon as he can. I hope someone buys him who will see him as a character and not just an investment or breeding machine and who will let him have a happy cat’s life with at least an outdoor run. (And I hope those dicky birds get out of that cage for a fly around sometime.) Can someone explain to me all this F1 and F2 stuff though? It makes cats sound like racing cars or Frankenstein’s monsters, is it some sort of designer label?

May 22, 2010I agree
by: Fran Well Ruth I have to agree with you that cats are free spirits and it breaks my heart too to think of them having no freedom in their lives.
This world is gradually turning more possessive and materialistic and taking wild life to possess and tame more and more is part of this process.
Every animal has only one life just as we do and how sad it is when that life is ruled by human power and standards.

May 22, 2010I am sad
by: Ruth I find it very very sad that beautiful cats were taken from their natural habitat and the wildness gradually bred out of them to provide people with pets.
I find it very sad that the kittens will never know the freedom of running and jumping with lots of space,basking in the sun,living free.
The very word ‘caged’ makes me shudder because free spirits should not be caged and felines are free spirits.
To only know a house, an enclosure or a walk on a leash doesn’t seem right to me. Yes they are bred and adapted and accept their life as they don’t know any other.
But surely there were plenty of cats already domesticated. I shudder too that if one of these kittens/cats got into the wrong hands, what could happen.
A Siamese was declawed and the owner wondering why the cat is now so ‘hateful’
Yes people do pay a lot of money for a pedigree cat and think it’s OK to have them adapted !
This is only my opinion of course and I think everyone already knows I don’t approve of breeding or showing cats for personal gain or admiration and I hate the thought of any cats being caged.
The place you are staying does look nice Michael and the breeders sound kind,and the cats are beautiful, I’m just sad for them for their lack of freedom.
Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 22, 2010Hi Kathy
by: MichaelHi Kathy. Thanks for the comment. FOCUS is a fine cat. Today I shared a cage with a female serval (pics and post coming up) and tomorrow I share a cage with two servals, male and female.Michael Avatar

May 21, 2010lovely pics again
by: kathy Michael, you sound like you are having such a good time at a-1 Savannahs. Now you are in my neck of the woods because we live maybe only an hour away from A-1 Savannahs. Its too bad we cant get together for lunch or you make a trip to my small little cottage in the woods and you could meet Lia, Midnight, and little Arora (our big girl Savannah. Im glad your enjoying yourself and meeting some truly great cats and kittens. Have fun!!!

May 21, 2010Hi Ruth
by: MichaelHi Ruth. FOCUS is bred to be sold essentially so at the moment he is confined to the house and being socialised. The new owner will have to decide. FOCUS is very valuable so I expect the new owner will build an enclosure and/or use a leash.Michael Avatar

May 21, 2010Focus
by: Ruth Wonderful photos, I too love reading about those beautiful cats and seeing their photos.
Do they have an outdoor run at all ?
I can’t imagine that breed of cat being content with a strictly indoor life.
Kattaddorra signature Ruth 

May 21, 2010FOCUS
by: Michael Hi Maggie. Yes, FOCUS is simply adorable. He is a very independent minded boy who will grow up to be very impressive. And he makes the most amazing sounds. It is between a 100% domestic cat and a serval. I’ll try and video him today making this sound and upload it. I am pleased you are enjoying it. I miss my moggies though!

May 21, 2010Focus
by: Maggie Sharp Firstly, Michael, I really am enjoying your A1 Savannah posts. Savannahs are one of my favourite breeds of cats, and it’s nice to see photos of such fine quality cats. Focus is beautiful, and so cute! He has a strong Serval resemeblance.I LOVE his full necklace, and his facial patterns are just amazing! Not to mention those cute little ear tufts and that tiny black nose -he’s just to die for! =)Love the photos too, keep ’em coming!

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