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F2 Savannah Cat Homing Instinct — 2 Comments

  1. I have a cat fence for my savannah cat and Bengal cat. They originally were brought up by me in my apartment. Bengal was an adult when I introduced the savannah kitten. After a year my partner and I moved out to the country. I would recommend an outside enclosure for your cat, or if you can there are cat proof fences on the market. We enclosed our garden with a fence that allows the cat to climb the apple tree in the middle of the garden but she can’t climb over the fencing. Be warned though that if you have squirrels the netting may take a battering from them as it is cat bite proof but not squirrel bite proof. We had to patch ours here and there to stop the cats getting through holes the squirrel had made to try to get to his buried nuts in winter.

    Definitely do not let your cats roam freely. They risk being shot, stolen, killed on the road or railway, trapped in garages, contracting diseases, etc

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