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F2 Savannah Kitten Cuddles Plush Toy — 9 Comments

  1. In spite of all of the negatives I can think of, this sweet little baby is at play.
    I’m not sure that she knows that it could be better. For now, she’s playing and adapting, like so many do.
    I love kittens as much as I love puppy breath.

  2. Poor thing, I just can’t see how those things allow the claws to go back into the sheath, there surely isn’t room for the claw and the ugly plastic cover in the sheath?

    • I totally respect the passion for cat welfare from both you and Ruth but I took the photo and as I recall this little guy was happy. I didn’t see signs that the Soft Claws were irritating him but that does not automatically make the product good or satisfactory.

      • Michael do you think you would feel differently now to how you felt a few years back on that visit, seeing cats especially bred and confined and kittens wearing claw covers? I think you would feel a deep sadness because I’ve noticed your empathy for cats growing even more over the years since then.

    • Nancy I always love your comments, they are from the heart and no one can write anything meaningful without.
      I agree the kitten doesn’t look happy, he is probably wondering why he can’t enjoy digging his claws in. Not in words of course, but his instincts must tell him something un-natural has happened to him.
      As always, cats have no choice but to accept their fate 🙁

  3. Poor little kitten, claw caps shoved on so he is unable to enjoy using his claws. A kitten likes to dig his front claws into a toy to hold it while he gives it a good kicking with his back paws. Kittens like to play hunt and kill their prey. But no doubt that kitten and others like him will never have the pleasure of going off a’hunting as cats like to do, he will be kept indoors and only taken out on a leash (if he’s lucky enough to be taken out at all)
    Bred for money and glory and being deprived of a natural life, that makes me very very sad.

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