F4 Part Bengal and Part Serval with Lime Green Eyes

by Mali Carmichael
(Largo, FL)

I have an F4 (part bengal/part Serval). She’s very sweet and very inquisitive. When checking out your Pic’s. I noticed eye color. Cleopatra (Cleo) has very bright lime/green colored eyes. I haven’t noted that color before, even her liter mates had gold/green eye colors. Is this an unusual color?

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Hi Mali…. thanks for visiting and asking.

First, it would be great if you could upload a picture. If you have one please send it to me at:


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I have a feeling that I am responding to a person who is more familiar with the breed standards etc. than me but for the sake of all visitors, I will press on.

Your cat is neither a Bengal cat nor a Savannah cat on the description that you have provided. Reference to breed standards or the stories of other Bengal breeders or Savannah cat breeders (the serval part gives this cat a Savannah cat component) would not help that much it seems to me.

As a result, I don’t think we can say if lime green is rare. However, a quick reference to breed standards might help a bit. The Savannah standard allows any eye colour implying that there could be a wide range. The Bengal breed standard does not specify eye colour either.

The book, ‘Legacy of the Cat‘ by Gloria Stephens and Tsetsu says that the eye colour for the Bengal cat is either copper, gold, yellow, hazel, green, aqua, blue and odd eyes.

Sepia Bengals have deep yellow or gold eye colour. Mink Bengals have aqua eye colour. Seal lynx points have brilliant blue eyes.

The eye colour may change depending on the age of the cat.

Well all that is not much help to you as it doesn’t tell you if lime green is unusual. I hope a breeder or caretaker comes by this page and tells you a bit more!

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F4 Part Bengal and Part Serval with Lime Green Eyes to Savannah cat

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