F5 Savannah Kitten

by Alisha
(Seattle, WA)

F5 Savannah Kitten Kronos

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F5 Savannah Kitten Kronos

I have had my kitten now for about a week and at 11 weeks old I can already tell how different he is from other domestic breeds.

At such a young age he is already so extremely well developed you would think he is much older than he is. At this age he is head butting, rubbing my legs, and can jump incredibly well, already up on my counters!

This guy is just borderline 3lbs too. I have had other kittens this age and they didn't start jumping or headbutting this well until 4 or 5 months old.

He also demands attention, gives lots of kisses, and of course is quite exotic looking with his long lean body and long legs! Yep I am already in love.

Here is another pic at ten weeks of age:

Savannah kitten


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F5 Savannah Kitten

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Oct 26, 2011 Me too
by: Michael

I love him too! Can I take him home! Thanks for sharing.

I have played with A1 Savannah kittens including F1 and F2s and they are gorgeous cats.

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