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Fabric chewing in cats may be like thumb sucking in infants — 6 Comments

  1. It is also potentially linked to the fact cats today aren’t eating food that still has the skin on so they are lacking a particular texture that is good for their teeth. I haven’t tried it, but it’s possible that cats allowed to chew on large raw or cooked bones (beef, lamb etc but not poultry) or who chew on RAW chicken wings (with skin on) might be less attracted to textiles. Mine used to get lab or beef bones from next door’s roast (before my elderly neighbours died) and loved to chew on them on the back doorstep or on a large sheet of unprinted paper.

  2. Michael, I have one who likes to suckle blamkies when he is bedding down to sleep. He is a British Shorthair mix. None of my Siamese kitties (all gone now) ever suckled things oddly enough. But Rusty is my only blankie suckler and only does it when he is ready to go to sleep. ♥♥♥

  3. Yes, I have a tortoise-shell cat who has done this all her life. She’s always been a little bit off (behaviorally/mentally/emotionally). I don’t know whether she does it to calm herself or is a sign that she is calm. I think the latter, because when she’s stressed she just runs outside and climbs on the roof. It’s a flat roof and I can hear her galloping up there.

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