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Face of Cat on Pampers Nappies Hurts the Feelings of Muslims — 4 Comments

  1. Religion is the biggest evil in the world. It decries logic and instead wallows in ancient superstition to explain science and the natural world.
    This is also becoming a common control button. Someone is offended therefore whatever is offending one group must be eradicated from the planet.
    I find it amusing in a sad way that someone stared at a box of diapers and decided they insulted their fairy tales and then took to the streets most likely to burn them.
    Religion has nothing to do with higher beings it was simply reinforced long ago to manipulate and control the population and was and still is a darn good excuse to pack up go to war and kill other people or just be downright dispensable in live and they say it’s all good cause you’re saved. Most baptisms fail because they are not at least 3-5 minutes long.

  2. Apparently they are another group that haven’t any real concerns to worry about like those in the rest of the world who are suffering severely! Amazing how people go out of their way to get themselves enraged about really inconsequential matters!

    AND then they wonder why we find them frightening.

  3. Any opportunity to feel outraged and violent. That is what drives them, the urge to be violent simply finds these opportunities. Forget them and keep them away from me is my thought. I don’t even want to hear about their latest religious craziness. Just my outrage about them, not you Michael. This is legitimate news regarding cats.

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