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Facebook: animal cruelty photos are OK but breastfeeding photos are not — 12 Comments

  1. This is what makes me bloody livid!! I seen some horrors on FB and have reported it like I happened to click onto someone’s page because a joke was shared that was funny and I thought oh I wonder if his page is public and I wonder if there’s any other jokes on there? No jokes but his picture at the top of his profile page was of him having sexual intercourse with his dog. It was very graphic and I was stunned. I reported him to FB but not even to reporting system is wired up for animal or child abuse!! Its as if they deliberately don’t want you to report certain things because they know so much of it is on there they would lose out if they started getting onto these individuals!

    For me more licensing needs to come into play with social networking because if you are the owner of this site and you don’t act accordingly then you are as responsible as the perpetrators and you should be treated as if you are the ones actually showing those images!!

    With social networking comes responsibility and its not violating freedom of speech as some idiots argue its simply stopping animal cruelty!

  2. Why they allow animal cruelty pics and not breast feeding ones .. EASY. Face book is run by inept, heartless, unethical morons. Who claim to have community standards on their site (LOL … you could have fooled me). Even “IF” you were to complain about some douche bag doing something horrid or cruel & abusive to animals. This is their general reply “we have viewed the content and found that it does not go against our company standards .. we appreciate your reporting it and make every effort to ensure that..blah, blah, blah”. No matter how disturbingly disgusting the pic/video of an animal being tortured by a evil, sick douche … they seem to allow it. I mean they can get a bunch of people reporting it .. and do Sweet F*** All! But .. 1 person complains about seeing a baby breastfeeding … OMG .. we can’t have that .. take it down. I like how they keep their priorities straight like that. It’s best to report pics/videos to Interpol … than the: We’re too stupid to do anything because “WE” have no morals or ethics even tho we claim to face book.

  3. I don’t know if breast feeding will ever be accepted as normal, because so may think of breasts as sexual organs.
    They’re really not, boys.
    Concentrate way, way, way doen.

  4. its not fb its the us! breastfeeding is sexual offensive by their mind. 😉 cant you remember the scandal a celebraty shows her tit on superbowl break years ago? since this there is a few seconds timeshift at live tv to make sure such a thing never will happen again. crime and violence is shown uncensored all over the day in tv but any sexual content is a taboo.

    • I was watching that Superbowl and it was unfair that Janet Jackson took all the flak, but Justin Timberlake got hardly a mention. It was clearly a rehearsed stunt and not a genuine wardrobe malfunction.

  5. Breastfeeding may be natural, but so is having a bowel movement or sex and I’m simply not interested in seeing those images. I understand that photos of breast-feeding can be helpful to other mums, by FB isn’t the only site available and it does have a privacy setting people could select.

    Sadly there’s a lot of animal cruelty in the world and the old saying that a picture speaks a thousand words is very true. Sometimes a shocking image of an abused animal grabs the public’s attention in a way that a well written article can’t. It can help raise awareness and funds to help an animal in need of urgent and sometimes very expensive medical care.

    Of course photos or videos of actual animal abuse taking place is another matter and should be taken very seriously. The IP address and details of anyone uploading such material should be forwarded straight to the local police authorities.

    • Good counter argument, Melanie. Thanks. However, I don’t think, from an aesthetic point of view, sh*tt*ng is on a par with breastfeeding. As for sex it is too close to porn.

      I don’t particularly like seeing breastfeeding either. It is voyeuristic but it should not be seen as objectionable over animal cruelty photos. I have learned that animal cruelty photos don’t work. They don’t make an impact. They just hurt initially and nothing changes.

  6. LOOK People-We all know in our hearts that breastfeeding is a good thing.This baby is clearly very fragile and it is a miracle the baby can even suckle to begin with. I am Happy for the mother and child. The severely abused Dog has lost his ears, part of his nose almost lost an eye and his mouth and his face is destroyed. We need to see this photo as well; to alert the public about the horrible cruelty’s inflicted upon defenseless animals___

      • I have never really liked facebook but it’s necessary for our anti declaw education, we can reach so many people we wouldn’t be able to otherwise.
        Also a pension protest group I co founded on behalf of the people being robbed of years of their rightful state pension.
        Also family, they share their news and photos on there, we’d never keep up with them otherwise.
        I really hate Twitter, can’t make much out of it at all, it’s so disjointed.

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