Facebook: California Wildfires Pets has rescue photos of 592 cats and 210 dogs

The Facebook Community page California Wildfires Pets is doing an amazing job at keeping up with pets lost, found and reunited. They also have a small album for Rainbow Bridge pets who didn’t survive. Several hundred photos are available of cats alive, although some are sooty and many have bandaged feet.

cat at Northpointe Veterinary Hospital (California Wildfires Pets)
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At the time of this article, there are photos of 592 cats and 210 dogs in the lost and found albums. You can click here for the link on the different albums. WARNING: EXTREMELY UPSETTING FOR MANY READERS!

The cat album is heartbreaking with many of the cats showing the burns suffered in the fire. It gives hope as to how much a cat can endure and still survive. Each photo has the location where the pets are being cared for.

I do hope if the owners don’t come forward that these cats can be moved into rescues and forever homes.

Please share this article with those in the area of the California fires who are missing their pet. Their Facebook page is here.

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  1. I’m warning everyone to not open the Rainbow Bridge album on the Facebook page. Because once you see it you can’t unsee it.


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