Facebook Cat Rescuers’ Conference

This is just a thought so I’ll keep it short! One of the positives of Facebook is its ability to create a network of cat rescuers and cat rescue organizations bound together by Facebook Messenger, millions of volunteers, tons of compassion and passion and billions of posts and comments.

A lot of great cat rescue takes place on the ground, in the real world, and I know it can be difficult and challenging. A lot of the communication takes place on Facebook. I for one would like to meet cat rescuers in the flesh. Communicating person-to-person in the flesh creates a new dynamic. It helps to create and cement friendships leading to greater achievements.

We all need the best possible chance to achieve success in cat rescue; to share ideas and thoughts, to constantly challenge the status quo, enhance progress, to change attitudes, to promote TNR, to promote no-kill shelters, to change the law in the interests of cat welfare, to improve the enforcement of the animal welfare laws, to educate on animal welfare law, to discuss the wider issues such as the fur trade and how we might be able to apply pressure to institutions and governments to stop it, to ban declawing and so on and so forth. There’s lots to do.

I think we can achieve more if we are able to meet in person on the ground annually to harness the power of the millions of able and compassionate volunteers involved in cat rescue. As mentioned, this is simply a suggestion. I know there are animal welfare conferences but I am specifically thinking of Facebook cat rescue volunteers who I think need to meet each other in the flesh from time to time to change the dynamics in a positive way.

I know it would take a bit of organizing and there would have to be a fee to attend and I also know that a lot of cat rescuers are not flush with money but….it would be really nice to meet up and make friendships and have the odd argument…row, reconciliation. Is this impractical or impossible to manage? And there’d be speakers such as Nathan Winograd and people from PETA. It would be great.

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  1. It would also start WWIII in the cat world. I don’t know which would be more interesting to watch. The cat advocates who can’t even get along online or to watch Nathan and PETA battle it out. It would arm the Facebook peeps with plenty of photos to use against each other. While it sounds like a good plan, just no.


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