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Facebook declares they will remove content about animal cruelty but is this a good idea? — 11 Comments

  1. People need not only to be upset by pictures of animal abuse on face book, they need to do something about it. The ‘Oh I can’t look, it’s too upsetting’ brigade allow animal abusers to keep on doing it.
    Turning away doesn’t help at all, they must spread the word until the abuser is identified, even if contacts complain about the gruesome posts on our timelines.
    Just like declawing, keeping the truth hidden has allowed it to go on for decades, it needed exposing and it still needs exposing even more until it is banned.

  2. This is a very interesting article that is clearly designed to promote thought! I never gave any thought to using these individuals’ posts to catch and keep them. Thanks! I will definitely share this on Facebook so others can benefit from this information too.

    Once they catch the guilty pee-poles, they should treat them the same way. I know many who will volunteer to give up time to punch a restrained, animal-abusing pee-pole in the face repeatedly.

    • To me it appears to be a woman in that photo with the young cat. Can we even be sure the photo was taken on the date suggested?

      Whether “Jamie Card” is genuinely abusing cats or simply enjoying pretending to do so in order to wind people up, it sounds like he has mental health issues.

      • As usual you make a damn good observation, Michele. I should have spotted that myself. There is a lack of hair in the hands. The clothes look feminine but I don’t see a bust. The handwriting is rather primitive. Perhaps he/she has deliberately disguised him/herself.

        Of course ‘Jamie’ is also a female name. I think she is female. I might do a short post on that.

        I think the mental problem is similar to that of trolls. They want to provoke. It gives then a kick. It also makes them infamous. The old 15 minutes of fame motivation.

        I made a slight amendment to the article based on what you have written. I had to ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

        • The top isn’t open quite low enough to see cleavage, but the subtle shading in skin tone suggests a contour ๐Ÿ˜‰ As you say the hands do look feminine.

          Do we even know for sure if it’s only one troll posting as Jamie, or could there be a group of people, each of them targetting different sites but using the same name?

          • Yes, the skin looks female too. Probably flat-chested female. Quite a solid female type I’d suggest. If that isn’t be rude. The shirt is definitely female. Everyone presumes she is a he, if she is a she! As you say we don’t know if the name is generic with other trolls using it.

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