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Facebook is too big to be able to control the images that go on to its website — 4 Comments

  1. That poor lass in Belfast,dunno if ye recall but last year on my Tiger page Pottery barn reported an image I posted showing stuffed animal heads with attached petition to get Pottery Barn to remove those items from their shelves and then I was banned for 30 days,so from wot I taking from this article unless ye got a lawyer and money to back ye facebook will not comply,just like they would not comply when I reported a troll page that stole my personal photos and used them for the cover photo and it’so profile photo they replied back that it didnt violate their community standards or being harassed by trolls,facebook rakes in billions of dollars but yet can pay their monitors a decent wage,cant wrap my brain around that.

    • Irish, your experiences pretty much sum up the sort of problems we get with FB image policy and management. Thanks for sharing.

  2. There’s another aspect, which is that when people act responsibly and make complaint in the prescribed way, facebook (the paid workers of) wastes time by failing to ascribe it’s own rules to inappropriate content on it’s site. So the question is: if they are so overworked, or it’s too burdensome a job to police their own site, then why don’t they at least act appropriately and nix the offending images when they have the opportunity? (I’ve made dozens of complaints about animal cruelty that they bothered to look at but decided it was okay, and did nothing further! We’re doing half their job FOR them!) It would cut down on their own workload by way of curtailing added complaints about the same content as well as send the message to offenders that they too are wasting their time should they think about posting more of the same. Lastly more time and effort is saved by not having to investigate further complaints of similar additional offenses, to which they’d do nothing. I fail to understand how spinning ones’ wheels is somehow profitable. Ya think? I think facebook makes money in spite of itself, just like some bosses are idiots.

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