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Facebook Like Button Not Working. The End of the World has Arrived. — 7 Comments

  1. Wow. I’m one of those who could care less what happens to facebook. The whole system could disappear forever and it wouldn’t change my life one it. In fact it would only speed-up the loading of web-pages and stop the tracking of uncountable personal information of billions. (Yes, they’re that just foolish to not know what having a facebook account really means. Morons one and all.)

    It makes me ponder what kind of person would place value on their own life for something as insignificant as that, let alone taking the time to even create a web-page about the insignificance of it. They must have the lowest self-esteem and self-worth in the world. Unless, of course, they are more concerned about manipulating all others for click-hits to pad their own pockets financially. Sound familiar? LOL

  2. I can live without it ,but I sure liked finding old friends and catching up on all the news and trying to find homes for homeless pets.

  3. There was about half an hour earlier when I couldn’t get on Facebook. Tried on Chrome and Opera, on PC and cellphone. I guess they were having problems. That like button better be working when I send you that very controversial article later this week because I’m going to blow it up. Giggles…

    • LOL. Let’s blow up the Like Button. God, I hate it. Well not totally hate it but it is an irritation, sometimes.

      I am pleased you reported that FB was down for 30 mins. That explains it. You know, one day, FB will crash and half the world will be in mourning. The other half will break out the champagne.

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