Facebook sleuths track down animal abusers and report them to the police

I think the days of proudly presenting animal abuse on Facebook is drawing to a close. Surprisingly, not that uncommonly, some people like to abuse animals and video their deviant behavior. They then upload the video to Facebook and boast about their criminality. In the past there has been a certain amount of tolerance of this which is shocking but I think those days are over.

I wish to refer to a story reported by Elisa Black-Taylor and expand on it a bit. It concerns two young men who dragged a kitten belonging to one of the criminals behind their vehicle until he was dead. It took about five minutes. They videoed the whole thing and uploaded it onto a secret Facebook group called “Cellulites: Salvation”. The purpose of the group, which has 40,000 members, is to present “sort of offensive humour within certain morals”.

We are told that this rather sinister Facebook group does not allow child pornography or animal cruelty. Clearly therefore the two youths, Kyle Williams, 18, and Jordan Hall, were in breach of the group’s rules.

What is interesting to me is that a section of the group were up in arms about this and they worked together to track down Williams and Jordan and report the matter to the police.

The city spokeswoman, Jennifer Langford, said:

“Dispatch received over 100 calls, 10 crime tips submitted through our website, and hundreds of FB messenger submissions”.

It seems that news about this outrageous cat cruelty spread beyond the confines of the secretive Facebook group that I refer to. A page on the text storage site Pastebin tells us how Internet activists conducted their investigation. They found Williams’ Facebook page. They checked out the license plate of his vehicle. And they tried to identify or speak to family friends and an ex-girlfriend. This was a genuine detective work.

One man recorded himself telephoning the Branson Police Department speaking to a dispatcher to confirm that Williams had been arrested. The Internet sleuths also trawled for Williams’ address and checked out his past digital history.

One YouTue commenter to a video about William states:

“I legit saw the min [minute] he posted the video and was working for hours trying to gather information about him and now we got him arrested”.

You can detect a lot of real concern about the video and a determination and commitment to catch the two perpetrators of this callous crime. I like that. I think Facebook has changed a little bit. I would hope that this happens more often. Certainly, Facebook administrators are relying upon the public and users of Facebook to report animal cruelty.

Of course these guys went a lot further and reported the matter direct to the police and did their research on the background of these youths. Let’s hope they are punished to the maximum the law allows once convicted.

Source: 11alive.com/news/crime

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