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Facebook Spamming and Tagging Policies Continue to Hurt Animal Advocates — 6 Comments

  1. And lets not forget another of Facebooks biggest traps. They “suggest” friends based on the friends you have and then ban you from sending friend requests when you send the person they suggest a request because you don’t really know them.

  2. I recall FB giving someone a warning for “overuse of the like button” because they liked photos and descriptions of cats needing help to be rescued or adopted as at risk of euthanasia in kill shelters.

  3. Told you this was a big problem Michael. I’ve only been banned for making too many friend requests. First time a week, then 2 weeks twice then 30 days the last time. I had sent friend requests to a few cousins the last time I was banned. I never tag because I’ve heard of the risks. Personally I haven’t known anyone who lost being able to post on their community pages but I wouldn’t doubt it at all.

  4. Longest FB was 3 months,but most recent ones have been 24 hrs. I’m not now completely certain its animal crossposters getting blocked, due to a non crossposter friend asking me why she had been blocked too. Seems like anyone can be blocked if they share a certain amount, just wish FB would tell us what the limit is. I have repeatedly asked this to FB on their pages & via PM….no response has ever been given.
    As for tagging, I’m not sure if thats just crossposters or not.

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