Facebook Troglodytes Emerge from the Dark Recesses to Start Another Disgusting Animal Cruelty Group

“Pitchfork your Cat for CHARITY” is (was) a Facebook group featuring dozens of horrendous photographs and videos of cats being mauled and tortured. It follows on from another Facebook group which I mentioned in an earlier article called “Halloween cat Punt Event“.

Animal cruelty Facebook page

Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

This is another example of the work of the trolls and troglodytes who inhabit the dark underbelly of Facebook and who occasionally emerge from under their stones to start a group which revels in animal cruelty and which declares with all seriousness that what they’re doing is justified and is even for charitable purposes. For example, one of the group’s supporters and members states:

“I’ll reiterate. So ask yourself this question… Would you rather have an abundance of disgusting animals that walk in their own filth then all over your staff or maybe contribute to saving children from cancer? So again please check your moral compass before you pass judgement on us. Thank you.” (Logan Sneed)

That is the sort of comment made by members of this disgusting group which incidentally Facebook refused to remove from their website until a couple of petition sites vigorously petitioned for the page’s removal and finally forced Facebook to take action.

Animal cruelty Facebook page

Not only are cats seen to be tortured on this Facebook page but also dogs and rabbits. Persistent requests to Facebook to take down the page resulted in the usual Facebook response:

“…. We reviewed the group you reported for promoting graphic violence and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”

Below that statement they asked “How was this experience?” What a laugh! My response would be unprintable.

Animal cruelty Facebook page

Of course, the members of this horrendous group, which has no place on a social media website, refused to voluntarily take down their sicko photos which caused outrage amongst Facebook users.

The petition on Change.org received 2000 signatures in 48 hours demanding that the page be taken down. It was launched by Amanda Smith who rightly stated that the page had been “set up for its members to post graphic and sickening photos and videos of animal abuse and torture.”

A second petition website YouSignAnimals.org was started by animal rights campaigner Daniel Bruner.

Animal cruelty Facebook page
Large rat pitchforked

How do you assess these horrible Facebook group pages? There are a kind of sick joke, a poison amongst the FB community. But they promote violence against animals generally and cats in particular who are often the primary target because they are the most vulnerable.

The Change.org petition page stated two days ago that victory was achieved:

“Well done to everyone who reported the page and the photos and videos and who signed the petition on change.org. If anything like this ever pops up again, a petition on change.org will be done-Facebook can’t ignore that!”

Robin Ferry commented:

“If Facebook does not change their policy on illegal animal abuse posts, and continue supporting this behaviour, I will deactivate my account. It’s getting ridiculous.”

Other comments are written in a similar vein and I’m sure that there are millions of people like me who think that it is quite intolerable that Facebook firstly allows these groups to start and then initially rejects requests for the page to be removed. It is time that Facebook changed their ways and policed their site more effectively and with a higher level of morality and ethics.

Note: Troglodyte: a person of degraded, primitive, or brutal character….a person unacquainted with affairs of the world…

Please comment on Facebook as well as it helps spread the word – thanks.

5 thoughts on “Facebook Troglodytes Emerge from the Dark Recesses to Start Another Disgusting Animal Cruelty Group”

  1. FB allows ads that traffic humans for sex so why would they care about cats being tortured.
    Whistleblower’s SEC complaint: Facebook knew platform was used to “promote human trafficking and domestic servitude” October 4, 2021
    And 2 years later it still continues! 2023
    How Facebook and Instagram became marketplaces for child sex trafficking
    All these billionaire social media sites are cesspools but as long as they make money they do not care. Social media is turning the whole world immoral.
    And they make lots of money with animal abuse pics and video’s, youtube never takes them down either.

  2. I couldn’t comment the first time I saw this article. Those people are pathetic.

    Facebook won’t do anything about those loathsome pages until they’re hit in the pocketbook. A friend of mine works for ChaCha, and she said they didn’t have a problem with the vilest questions you could imagine, questions about what’s the best method to kill and torture animals, among others, until they landed a contract with the Veterans’ Administration. After that happened ChaCha suddenly stopped answering those questions and if a person was persistent and insisted that the questions be answered ChaCha alerted law enforcement because the person was a possible danger to the community. Apparently the company didn’t want the VA to see the level of filth they allowed. My friend said it was pretty bad. Until something like that happens to FB it will be business as usual.

    • Shirley, thanks for visiting and commenting. In this world there are quite a lot of nasty people like these who want to hurt animals. It is amazing and shocking how many people treat animals as objects to abuse and use.


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