Facebookers – Join Cause to Ban Declawing

by Cat owner who didn’t have the facts 18 yrs ago
(Ontario, Canada)

The Paw Savers cause was created by Dr. Jean Hofve.

Dr. Hofve writes that she has been educating people about declawing for more than 16 years, and recently joined the efforts of the Paw Project to legislatively ban declawing of cats and other pets.

Please consider joining the cause: Paw Savers

Paw Project – Your continued support is needed to help end the inhumane practice of feline declawing. – Paw Project

Dr. Hofve has several articles on Little Big Cat.com in the free article library about declawing.

The has a summary of the facts I believe led to the declaw ban in some cities in California.

Vets won’t declaw dogs because it’s considered too painful – that is, the dogs SHOW signs of being in pain.

Just because cats are more stoic does NOT mean they suffer any less!

Please support declaw bans, help educate vets & cat owners with the facts, & advocate for the voiceless.

Thank you

Facebookers – Join Cause to Ban Declawing to Declawing Cats

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Facebookers – Join Cause to Ban Declawing

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May 15, 2010Outlawing Declawing
by: Jan Plant Thanks to Michael,Ruth and Babz and countless others last year or so,my eyes were opened WIDE to this mutilation of our furry friends!I have since joined the fight and battle to get this inhumane acton outlawed world wide.The more this is shared,the more people it reaches,and hopefully the more kitty toes are saved!Thanks for opening my eyes and I continue to pass on the information!Everywhere! Facebook also!(((HUGS TO ALL FROM TEXAS))))))

May 14, 2010Thanks!
by: Cat owner who didn’t have the facts 18 yrs ago On behalf of kitties & unsuspecting owners, Thank you for posting this. Thank you to everyone who shares the info & invites others to the cause. I sincerely hope this cause goes country-wide in both the US & Canada & that many people get behind it.This is supposed to be the great “Information Age”, yet I’m still hearing from cat owners that weren’t aware that declawing means the amputation of their cats’ toes!

Shame on veterinarians who don’t council their clients!

Shame on veterinary colleges for not teaching about humane alternatives and behaviour modification! Non-surgical problems deserve non-surgical solutions.

Let’s bring in “the Humane Age”.

~ Chris

May 14, 2010thanks for this great information!
by: Susan The Paw Project also has a page on Facebook, please join! http://www.facebook.com/pawproject?ref=ts

May 14, 2010Facebook
by: Ruth I joined last DecemberKattaddorra signature Ruth
Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

May 14, 2010FaceBook Cause
by: Helmi Flick I just joined the cause and invited the FaceBook max today: 60 invites!

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