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Facebook’s policy on animal abuse images is inadequate — 6 Comments

  1. Facebook’s policy on animal abuse is… quite frankly, crap.

    After reporting Jalaldeen Naseem’s video and getting the bog standard FB response of no violation of their community standards. I then sent them another message asking if they could explain exactly what could be considered “likeable” about images and the promotion of animal cruelty. I also asked to know why they condoned the promotion of acts of animal cruelty (which many of these photos and videos clearly are) knowing that those acts are illegal in their respective countries. Their response was the usual FB fob-off about them taking feedback seriously.

    They should be ashamed.

    • Well said, Michele. It surprises me (well not much) that they are so offhand about something this important to many people and of course animals. There can be only one reason why they don’t care about animal abuse pictures on FB: money. If they were stricter in removing images they believe there would be a deluge of requests and they’d have problems coping and would lose revenue at the same time. It is a lack of morality driven by profit. Isn’t that always the case?

      • Yet they were quick to remove images of women breast feeding, which is not illegal anywhere as far as I know.

        Perhaps their community “standards” were written by Woody?

  2. Now don’t get creeped out, but I love you for your great articles. They make my day, though not necessarily in the most cheerful way. Kindred soul way. Thank you. Signed, Not a stalker:)

    • Thanks Leslie. I am not sure what “creeped out” means but I probably am 😉 . I want to write about nice things but whenever I research stories, and I do a lot of that, I end up at the bad stuff.

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