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Facial Secretions of Domestic Cats — 6 Comments

  1. Really, I really hope no animal was harmed. That would be really horrible. I do find that Feliway stuff rather expensive though! Interesting though.

  2. I assume Feliway uses pheromones.

    I also seem to remember hearing fishing line being called as ‘cat gut’ – or some such thing like that. Some myth about it being made from a cat’s guts. But methinks that wasn’t quite it now that I have read this.

    But please don’t now tell me there are factory farmed cats which are being kept alive and harvested for their 5-aminovaleric acid rather like those animals kept in cages so they eat and poop coffee for humans to then consume, or bears being farmed for bile. Humans have no limits when it comes to cruelty and emotion.

    • I think F3 — Oleic acid, azeliac acid, pimelic acid, palmitic acid is the one used for Feliway.

      and harvested for their 5-aminovaleric acid

      I am almost certain that all commercially produced pheromones are artificial. But in this world it would not surprise me if cats are harvested. No..I don’t believe it.

  3. Yikes!
    Never had a clue about so many.
    So, some are already used commercially.
    I say we bottle the whole mix, sell it to Estee Lauder, and call it, “Come to me, Kitty, Kitty”.

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