Helmi Flick and Buttermilk, a stray cat.
Ken and Helmi feed and care about this boy.
Facts about Cats — The Polls:
  1. Own or Care For cats?
  2. Cat Food
  3. Neutering and Spaying
  4. Insurance
  5. Where does she sleep?

Give and Receive Facts About Cats by completing these easy and quick to use interactive polls

This is a page where I hope that you will be kind enough to give us the benefit our your experiences with cats; perhaps the best kind of cat facts.

In order to achieve that I have set out below a series of easy to use polls – there are 8 in all, please scroll down. You can check the results of the polls before or after voting. You can also add some quick notes if that rocks your boat , which I hope it does as it will provide us all with on-the-ground, real, sharp end, facts about cats. The notes can be added to the results (view) page.

Own or Care For cats

At a fundamental level do we own (i.e. cats are our property) or do we live with and care for domestic cats?

Cat Food – multiple votes allowed

Cat food is so very important but nearly all of us, me included, get sucked into grabbing what we can see on the shelves of supermarkets. Most of us buy it when we buy our food. Yet a lot of the commercial cat food is not that good and cats tell us that by eating bits of it (the tasty bits that smell right, the bits that dress up the rubbishy bits). Understandably, we tend to think about what is good for us but buy generic stuff that is presented to us when it comes to our cat. I’d like to hear your views, please. I’ve made some postings and articles on cat food. Here are some:

Neutering and Spaying

Facts about cats should include information on this very important subject. If people think about neutering and spaying of cats, most would agree that it should be done as they are too many abandoned, stray and feral cats. Feral cats upset some people and have harsh lives. The world is not a good place for a feral cat as this is a world designed for humans. There are two main articles on this subject on this website:


Pet insurance is one of those “things”. Is it cheaper in the long term? Is it more expensive and a kind of rip off? It is neither. It is simply spreading risk between customers. Some will lose; some will win. The insurance company always wins and then invests your money badly, loses it and charges higher premiums. You can tell my views. This is one of those slightly controversial facts about cats and I have made a post on it:

Where Does Your Cat Sleep? – multiple votes allowed

One of those facts about cats that we all know is that they do a lot of sleeping. This is because in the wild they are efficient hunters, which allows for long periods in between kills. I find my cat is a little perverse. If I buy her something great to sleep on she sleeps on a had surface on the floor. I couldn’t figure out why she nearly always got off the bed (where she had been for the better part of the day) when I put the lights out. I eventually figured it out. She sleeps at the foot of the bed and I thrash my legs around sometimes when I dream. Just plain common sense to get off, really.

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