Family and pets rescued by Blackburn firefighters after dog knocked over a burning candle

A Blackburn, UK family is safe after a dog knocked over a candle in an upstairs bedroom on Saturday. A woman, two dogs and a cat were rescued by Blackburn firefighters.

photo credit Flickr Kaiser the Beagle
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A woman in her 30’s was treated by paramedics for a small burn to her hand suffered when she attempted to put out the fire. No one was seriously injured.

This story is important because people think of cats being the animal who knocks things over. In reality, dogs, rabbits, ferrets and any animal that can pick up any speed or is curious enough can knock over a candle.

Blackburn fire station crew manager Ally O’ Donnell reminded people to “Please be careful and do not leave candles unattended.”

It’s best not to have anything sitting around the house, lit or not, that could potentially harm a pet. The PoC story of cats knocking down a snowglobe and later drinking a bit of the contents when it broke reminded all of us to be careful of what our pets can get into.

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  1. Oh for craps sake. The lids on my toilet tanks are gorilla taped down and Toad has learned to take the SD card out of the cable box so that’s taped shut now. Leave a candle burning I might as well light the fire myself. I don’t get people. I leave what amounts to 4 toddles at home for 8 hours every day.


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