Family asked their veterinarian to kill their cat because he had fleas

Yes, it sounds unbelievable but a family took their three-year-old, well-behaved, black cat to their veterinary clinic and asked the vet to kill him (euthanize is the wrong word) because he had fleas. Yes, I am as shocked as anybody else. It happened in Britain, a country where there are meant to be lots of animal lovers. Clearly this is not always the case.

The cat’s name is Caesar. He is described as a friendly and loving cat. The veterinarian’s reaction was horror and dismay. The vet says that this sort of thing is not uncommon. The vet recommended alternative options such as a course of treatment which costs around £6 pounds per month in contrast to £70 to euthanise a cat.

The owner did not want to take the advice. The veterinarian then got in touch with a local rescue centre, Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue. They offered to look after the cat and rehome him. The owners said they would go away and think about it! Can you believe that?

Every day thereafter for four days the vet telephoned Caesar’s owners to try and persuade them to bring him back to the clinic and to make sure that he was all right. Eventually Caesar’s owners brought him back to the veterinarian’s clinic. The vet learned from the owners that they had already got a replacement cat.

The ending is a good one, however. Caesar is now living with a foster family waiting for a new home. Margaret at Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue says that Caesar is a friendly and loving three-year-old boy cat. He’s a bit shy and would suit a home where he is the only cat and where he could have a some outside space. It took awhile for him to come out of his shell and show his true character. It is not surprising that he had a shell bearing mind that he lived in a home where he was under threat of being killed because he had fleas and he had fleas because his owners were neglectful.

Yet again another example of inappropriate people involved with cat ownership. Frankly, I am surprised that they were given the chance of owning another cat.

Source: Peterborough Today.

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2 thoughts on “Family asked their veterinarian to kill their cat because he had fleas”

  1. I would hope that these people are put on a list of UNSUITABLE owners and the new kitty is removed before they take her to a vet with no scruples!

  2. What a horrifying scenario. No animal should have to endure that level of neglect and unwantedness. Good thing the vet had an honest respect for the life of a precious soul. The “owners” should have left Caesar with the veterinarian straightaway. I am relieved that Caesar is now being cared for while he awaits his new forever home, one where he will be cherished and loved. I fear for the “replacement” cat, once those people grow tired of him or her also. I find it unthinkable that someone could even request a veterinarian to euthanize a healthy, gorgeous cat because he “has fleas.”

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