Family cat killed by children: “He was hung up like a piñata and beat.”

This is an extremely distressing case of animal cruelty coming out of Darby, Pennsylvania. I urge readers to use caution as to whether or not to continue reading. The only reason I chose to write on it (after much debate going on in my head) is because CHILDREN are allegedly the ones who killed a family cat named Muu.

children kill cat
Muu was beaten to death by children (courtesy photo)
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Jamie Walls and her husband Justin say their year-and-a-half old cat Muu was hung up like a pinata and beaten to death by children between the age of 9 and 12 who took the cat from his home Highland Avenue on Thursday afternoon and brought him onto the neighbor’s property.

The 7-year-old daughter of the Wall family witnessed the cat being held by the neck and shaken by a boy. She quickly ran home to get help. The family found Muu under a deck in the neighbor’s backyard.

Jamie stated during an interview with 6ABC News

“He looked like he was dying. He was just blinking and he was looking like ‘Mom. Where were you? He was hung up like a piñata and beat.”

The Walls rushed Muu to an animal hospital where he died an hour later. His whiskers had been cut and he was barely able to move.

cat beaten
Muu (courtesy photo)

The father of one of the children accused says his son had nothing to do with the injuries Muu received. He said if anything, his son may have thrown Muu over the fence.

Police Officer Ron Riggle with the Humane Society says his department is taking this case of animal cruelty seriously. An expert pathologist at Penn State University is set to do an extensive necropsy to determine exactly what killed Muu. Officer Riggle stated

“Animal cruelty shouldn’t happen at any age so, yes, we take it very seriously.”

No charges have been filed at this time. Riggles plans to speak with the parents of the children indentified. Justin Walls says his daughter is very emotional and having nightmares. Jamie Walls wants the children to answer for what they did.

It’s not safe for cats to be outdoors (anywhere) unsupervised. There have been multiple cases this year where young people purposely hurt, and even killed, an innocent animal.

We all know the legal system won’t punish children. It’s up to cat owners to keep their cats safe at all times and its up to parents to discipline their children before they turn into little monsters.

An interview with the family can be viewed by clicking here.

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6 thoughts on “Family cat killed by children: “He was hung up like a piñata and beat.””

  1. This is just awful. The children SHOULD be punished. Maybe other children would think twice about what can happen if they are cruel to an animal.The court systems need to start punishing people weather they are a child or a senior citizen. The parents should be held accountable for what Thier children did.😠

  2. These children will grow up to do evil things to children and who knows what else Obviously their parents aren’t much better to put up with these evil children. Lock the parents up and discipline the children. If it were my cat I hate to think what I wld do to all those disgusting evil children.


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