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Family Feuds Over The Family Cat — 1 Comment

  1. In most of these scenarios, these folks just need to grow up and be educated about the positives of cat ownership — with the exception of the severe allergies. I would not put any human through that. Fortunately, my son is not allergic!! Although, in mild cases of allergies, there are plenty of OTC meds for that — my only exception is SEVERE allergies. I understand that can happen. And, yes, humans ALWAYS need to educate little ones on the proper handling of ANY anipal! I blame the parent in that one for now teaching the child this, causing the scratch — the cat is definitely NOT TO BLAME!!!!!

    As for me, when I was pregnant with my son, I wasn’t yet allowed pets at my apartment. I had to visit my cat at my Mom’s. After I had my son, Misty (the cat) couldn’t get close enough to Tyler!! It was if she was protecting him, daring anyone to touch him — it was rather funny!! I have lots of pics of my Mom holding Tyler on one arm, and Misty on the other. She loved Tyler! And my Mom was happy to oblige! There were never any pet feuds in my house growing up, or now, in my place — which I am allowed to have cats now (different ownership). In fact, by the time Misty was 16, I was allowed to have cats, so she came to live with me. She was my first female, and was VERY attached to me. She lived until age 19 — which at that time was literally half my life. Love my *kids*!! ♥♥♥

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