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Family leaves a cat they’ve cared for (along with her nursing kittens) behind when they move out of state — 9 Comments

  1. People like this should have thier name plastered everywhere..and yes..we can judge how wrong this was!!!
    They had other options! IF YOU FEED..YOU HAVE RESPONSIBILITY FOR!!!

  2. While I would never do such a thing, I dont feel that prosecution would be beneficial. In fact, it would make more people inclined to just leave cats to starve. Without knowing the family, we cant judge what their exact circumstances were. But,shame, shame, shame on a community that lacks the compassion to establish a program that helps ensure the neutering and care of homeless kitties. Clearly, the kittens’father (s) need/s to be neutered as well.And many areas do not offer low/no cost spay/neuter programs.

  3. Sad. I wonder how much they tried to rehome. Probably not long or hard. At least they didn’t list them n Craigslist – a sure death sentence. I have 3 outside cats left from my original 10 and would not ever leave them to fend for themselves. One inside. All fixed

  4. The General Statutes cover this. Most anti cruelty laws are covered in NC General Status Amendment 14-360. The bigger issue is why law enforcement does not file charges in these cases. Even when witnessed, several advocates have been told they (the person who witnessed it) would have to file the charges and pursue. Personally, I think it is because they know most individuals will not pursue it and therefore they don’t burden the legal system. I call it lazy.

    • We can’t even get punishment for those who admit to abandoning animals, much less a case like this one. If it went before a jury there would be at least one person who would side with the family and the courts know this. No charges would likely be filed even if they could.

  5. ยง 14-361.1. Abandonment of animals.
    Any person being the owner or possessor, or having charge or custody of an animal, who
    willfully and without justifiable excuse abandons the animal is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.
    (1979, c. 687; 1985 (Reg. Sess., 1986), c. 967, s. 2; 1989, c. 670, s. 3; 1993, c. 539, s. 241; 1994,

    • So the family would be the “possessor.” I wonder whether that applies to outdoor cats as well. This doesn’t sound like a colony feeding. It sounds like a cat showed up to eat every night at their home and so they fed it and don’t consider it theirs.

  6. The family did say they’d been trying to find a home for the mama cat and her kittens. To leave this cat and her kittens to starve or be hit by a car or be eaten by coyotes was likely something the family never considered would happen. Or they just didn’t care.

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