Family who moved into a new home inherited the resident cat

Inherited cat
“Raz is doing good I played with him a little bit he loves feather toys luckily it not as cold as last week it’s just been raining we also got him some new food that he loves..” From the Instagram account of @wottrns
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This is the happy ending story about a family who moved into a new home who inherited the resident cat. The former homeowner left a heartwarming note about the cat who had shown up at the home 12 years prior that they were never able to tame.


Miranda and her family found a note when they moved into their new home. The note explained how an orange kitty had been born on the property and remained feral. The former property owner fed the cat twice a day and even made him a small house.

When Miranda looked out the back door and saw the kitty looking back at her. She named him Raz. According to the note, Raz had an injured paw. Miranda, who is a cat lover with five pet cats, hopes to tame Raz enough to get him to a vet.

The note
The note

Raz is learning to trust the new family. He used to run and hide when the family ventured outside. Now he tolerates them, especially when food is involved.

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11 thoughts on “Family who moved into a new home inherited the resident cat”

  1. Raz looks to have landed on all four paws when he picked that house. Two successive, compassionate families, is a lucky hit rate.

    Good work Raz.

  2. This really touches my heart. I hope that Raz will continue to learn to trust the new homeowner more and more each day…😥💜💜🐾

  3. Oh, this is sad. It is nice of the former home owners to do this for this soul. I hope the new owner can convince him it is better inside and with pets and love.

    • Sorry Anne I got mixed up with another story written months ago about similar circumstances! There is no update to this story.

          • Anne, do you have any idea how slow my computer is these days with all the writing and all the posting? Plus I work a regular job. I’m lucky to get as much done as I do. It’s not that easy to find things on Instagram for me. Today alone I’ve had to reboot the computer six times! You’re lucky you found it. I had already typed in Miranda (no last name) and Raz and typed in Raz alone and came up with a long list. Each day at work I walk 4 miles, work on an article or two for PoC, post 19-23 articles on the MyCompassionbuzz site, answer emails, look at Facebook PM’s and take care of the cats at home. I can’t do everything!

            Michael can tell you that when he gets up and on the computer around 3-4am our time that I’M. STILL. AWAKE. I’m freaking sorry I’m not perfect!


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