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Family who moved into a new home inherited the resident cat — 11 Comments

  1. Raz looks to have landed on all four paws when he picked that house. Two successive, compassionate families, is a lucky hit rate.

    Good work Raz.

  2. This really touches my heart. I hope that Raz will continue to learn to trust the new homeowner more and more each day…😥💜💜🐾

  3. Oh, this is sad. It is nice of the former home owners to do this for this soul. I hope the new owner can convince him it is better inside and with pets and love.

    • Sorry Anne I got mixed up with another story written months ago about similar circumstances! There is no update to this story.

          • Anne, do you have any idea how slow my computer is these days with all the writing and all the posting? Plus I work a regular job. I’m lucky to get as much done as I do. It’s not that easy to find things on Instagram for me. Today alone I’ve had to reboot the computer six times! You’re lucky you found it. I had already typed in Miranda (no last name) and Raz and typed in Raz alone and came up with a long list. Each day at work I walk 4 miles, work on an article or two for PoC, post 19-23 articles on the MyCompassionbuzz site, answer emails, look at Facebook PM’s and take care of the cats at home. I can’t do everything!

            Michael can tell you that when he gets up and on the computer around 3-4am our time that I’M. STILL. AWAKE. I’m freaking sorry I’m not perfect!

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