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Family whose “unschooled” children were seized by Kentucky CPS has cats — 26 Comments

  1. I came across this website, not because of the animals but because I did a search for the Nasty Homestead website that is bashing the family like crazy.. I’ve seen their Facebook page (and accidently found out who started it…lol) and was checking out their website to see what incorrect information they were spreading elsewhere. Anyway, the kids look well fed and happy, as do the animals that they have. From what I’ve heard from the people that helped clean up the property is that they live on a decent piece of property. The felt that the home with the tarps over the outer walls (people think it has no walls because of the tarps) have said its adequate for now… people forget that its a temporary home until they can build a bigger home which takes time. There was a lot of garbage from the previous owners that had to be removed… I know what that’s like, our property has a mound of garbage from the idiot that lived here before us and it will be along time before we will get it all removed. The children have plenty of area to play in without coming into a contact with the garbage.

    The kids look like normal country kids enjoying themselves outside… and getting dirty.

    People should learn to keep their mouths shut if they don’t have anything nice to say and if they don’t have the real information… just remember Karma does come back to bite people that hurt or hate others. People are spreading all kinds of misinformation.

  2. How about peoples’ noses get out of other peoples’ business? Who do we think we are to judge?

    I’m not reading where the children are starving; and, I see a very robust cat.

    No person, not even an earthly judge and jury have the right to condemn. Not their jobs.

    Why don’t people have enough to do that they are intruding in other peoples’ lives? Believe me, if time could be gifted, I would ask all of these “too much time on my hands or bored people” to donate their time to me. Better yet, get some more cats to occupy your time and stop criticizing.

  3. Interesting topic and comments. By the way, it’s my understanding from other articles I’ve read about this case that the family makes their living running a dog grooming business. The cat looks well care for, in my opinion. Although it is a lifestyle that many might find hard to accept, as long as the kids are healthy and not in danger, I don’t feel we should judge it by the standards we might set for ourselves. I am more concerned about the harm being done by removing the children and separating them into several different foster homes while this is being sorted out. I believe one child is still an infant and is missing out on a critical bonding time with its mother/family.

  4. I just took a look at their sites, and see that they’re Mormons, and follow the dictate to “Be Fruitful and Multiply, etc.” which means keep having as many children as you can. Yep, they’re programed and controlled, but by another system, not unlike the government that they resist. Funny….no…., strange!

    They have cameras, and an IPhone 4, and at least one computer, so you know where some of the money is going.

    The pictures of the kids look like any other American well fed kid, not scrawny and sickly, in spite of how the “homestead” may look. Their clothes look good.

    It seems like they’ve been asking for donations for a long time, from their sites, so they’ve stepped it up a notch on “Go Fund Me”.

    It will be interesting to follow this story, but I don’t have the time or interest. Hope someone will keep us updated.

    • I’ll be keeping an eye on it. If I do a new one it will likely be on my Parenting and Family topic on Examiner and I’ll post the link here as well. I have so many irons in the fire between the shelter articles and the rescue fundraisers and everything else I actually have to make a list now of things to do.

  5. I’m not as concerned about the cats and dogs as I am about the children. I haven’t looked up any of the information provided, but there seems to be an ignorance involved when people who can’t afford to feed the children they have, keep having more. Does being off the grid mean no access to birth control? Or is it against their religion? I can’t imagine that they’re religious, since that’s another system of control, just like the government.

    I understand why people would want to live off the grid, but it’s not as easy as we think.

    It really seems that some brain cells are missing in these people. Kids are very resilient, but living in conditions like those described can become deadly.

    What kind of scraps are available for the dogs and cats, when there’s hardly enough for the kids? Maybe it comes from hunting?

    Sometimes it’s really not in the best interests of kids to be with their natural parents. I know it wasn’t in my best interests, and I wouldn’t have survived if I hadn’t left home at 12.

    I’m not taking sides. It doesn’t matter what we think.
    If people want to help the family, then donations are the best way to do it. Whether it’s because of the animals or the children, it doesn’t matter.

    There’s really no way to tell if people in general care more about animals than people, and if they do, then what? I care about both, but in reality my caring doesn’t change a thing, unless I put it into action.

    My activism is directed at intelligent people who don’t know the “difficult truths” about veterinarians, pet food, and drugs given to pets, and how they affect their health in drastic ways.

    We each have to pick our battles, and I’ve chosen mine.
    Elisa Black-Taylor has chosen hers, and she has my respect, as do many other contributors to this site.

  6. The reason why the authorities want children to be “schooled” is so that they will be brainwashed with the Liberal Marxist ideology. So much has the educational system been perverted. I’s mind control that matters to them, not their well-being. . If they want them all to live under better conditions then they should help them by providing better housing and jobs, not persecute or arrest them. How does that help them?

    • Harvey, you are 100% SPOT ON! Today’s “education” IS mind control!! (The song that goes “hey! Teachers, leave those kids alone!” Immediately popped in my head when I read your comment. Lol. An the govt is an example of that. They build million $$$ prisions while barely any $ goes to schools. Then the govt has to fill those prisions… See my point? Vicious circle/cycle.

    • They won’t take anything from the government. Mrs. Naugler is on record saying that they won’t be “whores of the State” in that way. It wouldn’t be so bad if they would just do something. They aren’t even unschooling the kids. What they call unschooling is living mostly in the woods, sleeping in dirt, and foraging for food. Unschooling is a twee name for designing a personalized curriculum based on the individual child’s interests. Even if they’re all interested in farming, I note that, as Mrs. Naugler herself posted, they watched two of their dogs kill most of the chickens that one child had been “passionately” interested in getting and just kind of shrugged. The dogs are still there.

  7. I am intrigued by your point that people are more interested because animals are involved. It’s apparently very accurate and sad. I am a huge animal lover, but I am very concerned about the welfare of these children. I am not a big fan of “unschooling”, but I know it can work. My first impression is that in this family it might mean no schooling, but I’m not sure. I do know that animals and children do not need to be living in these dreadful conditions. This isn’t some Third World Country, it’s just Kentucky.

  8. I went to their blog site and can see why they are being treated this way. In the pictures, their children are very clean and happy. One daughter is labeled a book worm, so they are being taught to read. One of the pictures shows a boy holding a rifle.

    Not only do many people in the United States think that homeschooling is a horrible sin, many more believe that guns are evil tools of Satan. Both are ridiculous at best.

    Old Site:

    New Site:

    • Personally I can agree with home schooling but am against the proliferation of guns. Cat, your comment was held for moderation by the software because it contained two links. It is just a technical thing.

    • Watch out; a lot of those photos are from 2011 or earlier, before the wheels started to come off. See if you can find photos taken by a news crew–with the Nauglers’ permission–of the so-called homestead. There’s a slideshow out there with dozens of photos of:

      *A tiny garden that has nothing in it but weeds;
      *The so-called cabin, which has three sides made of uninsulated plywood, a fourth side made from a blanket or tarp, and an open-air kitchen with bricks sunk into mud, and this was what they spent last winter in;
      *Dishes, seats, babies, clothing, and floors smeared with brown mud that is probably not entirely mud because…
      *The goats, dogs, and chickens wander around freely.
      *Debris from two or three trashed mobile homes strewn all over the place.
      *A pond that was stocked with fish when they moved in (Mrs. Naugler’s own words), now a hypertrophic muddy sump full of runoff from the free-range dirt and sprinkled with trash.

      They’ve been on this property for about 2 years, with the father unemployed for part of that time and 26 timbered acres to work with that came with existing well and septic (that never got inspected or returned to use.) This is not homesteading. Complete beginners reading instructions for everything out of mass-market back-to-the-land books produce more than this in two months.

      I also note that Mr. Naugler is currently facing criminal charges for menacing connected with a neighbor protesting that he gets most of the so-called homestead’s water by stealing it from them and Mr. Naugler responding by telling one of his children to fetch a gun.

  9. As someone who is allergic to cats, I’m not really a cat lover . I’m not a hater either because those independent balls of fluff live the life I wish I could live as a human. They have no qualms about letting their desires be known in a forceful and “in your face way”. Cats act the way I wish I could act while simultaneously annoying the crap out if me for not understanding that I will die if they don’t stop trying to come into my house and that I don’t appreciate their rearranging of my garbage (neighborhood strays).

    That being said, I agree that people do think animals deserve better than humans and will jump in sooner in cases of neglect of a pet than of child neglect and this story is a prime example. I have been reading the blogs and Facebook pages of this Nicole woman for years and have seen her break down of meals. Those kids are barely getting a serving of food at meal times. She divides $1 in fruit between all 12 of them for breakfast. Even in the cheapest fruit (I live close to her and that would most likely be bananas), that’s less than 1 serving of fruit per person. Their only other food at that meal is a meager portion of oatmeal or an egg. Looking at her meals for a whole week, the children are lacking many servings of necessary food groups. I eat very healthy and follow the serving sizes to a T. This isn’t a person who habitually overeats and fills a large plate of food judging someone who feeds her family the recommended daily servings of fruits, veggies, grains, protein, dairy, and health fats. I’m also not a health nut who thinks coconut oil is a “superfood”. I am a person who has been through many nutrition classes and nutrition counseling to relearn proper nutrition to get herself and her family on track to healthy eating. I know that this woman feeding her children less than the serving sizes on the packages of the items she lists that she buys from the salvage stores (and apparently feeds to her children well after the expiration date, as is evident by the food poisoning/”bad pancake” incident) is not healthy for her kids. Why aren’t people outraged at this? This woman chooses to live like this. She works full time and has virtually zero bills from living “off the grid”. She isn’t spending the money on food. I see her asking for free items in local yard sale groups so she’s not buying those things. What is she spending her money on? And why do her animals look well fed while her children have been begging for food from neighbors?

  10. In the few minutes I’ve proven my point. Add an animal to an article and it gets more shares than when approaching it as a family issue. I’ve already gotten more likes here than when I ran it as Family and Parenting on Examiner.

    This is an issue I’m best to remain neutral on. Especially after reading how many accidents the kids have had and that they don’t even have running water. Where I live you can’t live in a dwelling without running water.

    • If it is true that animals tickle the emotions and interest more than people, it is a good sign. I just wish that animals lovers had a bigger voice for fundamental change to improve the lives of animals. It seems that animal lovers are more gentle and this may make them more passive.

  11. Well if these cats are hunting for themselves the one pictured is pretty fat! SO are they the same sex I see no kittens I doubt they are spayed and neutered! Pus they live in the a rural environment with no rabies vaccines I assume very dangerous! To say nothing of feces everywhere causing bacteria that could be dangerous it the kids cut themselves.

  12. This story raises some fundamental questions. Domestic cats living in this sort of environment are living more like they did thousands of years ago. Some people might argue that that lifestyle is better for cats but not many would because it lacks decent veterinary care and probably lacks decent food and involves slightly sloppy cat caretaking but they may be great with animals.

    Living off the grid is not a bad thing. They probably consider themselves outsiders. They probably reject mainstream society. Can’t blame them.

    I tend to favour the family. Provided the kids and animals are okay leave them alone, I say.

    • I agree. The parents can at least see a holistic dr/vet. I’m big into holistic & off the grid myself. Nothing wrong with it. If the animals and people are healthy & well, then it’s KY that has some explaining to do.

        • KY is often backwards in their thinking anyway. So is WV. This whole off the grid thing is probably brand spanking new to them. Like a newborn child. That’s probably why.. I love your method of thinking, Michael. Were like 2 people in a pod!

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