Family with two domestic cat records: tallest cat and cat with longest tail

I am not sure how important it is; in fact it is not important at all except for the fact that the world’s tallest domestic cat used to be ‘Magic’, an F1 Savannah Cat about which I have made some videos. Clearly the record has been beaten by the cat shown in the video on this page. This cat is an F2 Savannah Cat. Note: ‘Trouble’ another Savannah cat beat Magic to the tallest record (in 2011) but was killed on the road. Magic is still alive to the best of my knowledge.

F1 Savannah cat ‘Magic’ – indeed, a magical cat

Living with this Savannah cat is a Maine Coon with an extraordinarily long tail, the world’s longest on a domestic cat. The video explains it all. This couple like exotic cats. The F1-F2 Savannah is probably the world’s most exotic domestic cat.

Below is a link to a page about Trouble mentioned above, a super impressive cat. So sad he died young. He escaped his home and was killed:

World’s Tallest Domestic Cat 2011

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