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Famous basketball player admits defeat in ownership of two Savannah cats — 3 Comments

  1. There is a difference between tame and domestic.
    They are not exotic creatures they are creations of man’s arrogance and failure to understand the very nature of the animals. It should be flat out illegal to breed them

  2. Looking at the picture and comparing to pictures of Savannah I’ve seen, the cat on the right looks like high filial and the one on the right look further down the line.

    But… where the story stops making sense to me is that he returned the female first. As I understood it, he was doing fine when he just had the female cat. But when he added the second cat, male, was when the problems started and that it was the second cat that was wild. So why did he return the first cat first? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to return the wild cat that caused problems first and keep the one that was doing fine?

  3. People from high economic levels and intelligence get these cats, without any thought beyond their beauty and the fact that they’re a status symbol.

    It’s unfortunate for all concerned. We know that this also happens when people adopt any cat without investigating what it means to be a cat guardian, and they are totally unprepared for what is natural feline behavior.

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