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Famous NY Pub Needs Their Cats Back — 5 Comments

  1. Cats actually attract rodents. When rodents are infected with cats’ brain-hijacking T. gondii parasite, this make any rodents infected attracted to the scent of cats. More cats = more rodents. As Disney discovered. Their rodent problem appeared at the very same time that the cats showed-up. They wised-up and destroyed all cats on their properties last year and got rid of any rodents the right way, instead of having cats that were just attracting even more rodents.

    There are millions of bars and restaurants across all of N. America which have no cats on the premises, as required by all health-codes. There are millions of bars and restaurants that don’t have any kind of a rodent problem. This isn’t a no-cats problem, it’s a filthy pub problem.

    • Yes, that theory has been circulated but it is not a solid theory and unproven I’d say. Also I think you have misstated it. Rats lose their fear of cats if infected with the T gondii parasite. They are not “attracted” to cats.

      Your dislike of cats shows I am afraid and therefore your bias. A lot of people like the presence of cats in bars and libraries etc..

  2. Do we really believe that authorities have what it takes to put 2 and 2 together, ie. cats = no rats? Someone that they will listen to will have to tell them. That’s where public outcry comes in. Be vocal, be loud, be heard.
    Why are people so intimidated that they won’t speak out for their beliefs and principles?
    I believe that Elisa will agree that our mammas didn’t raise any wussies!

    • The authorities are programmed to follow the establishment view that cats in public places are dangerous. It’s crazy. They need educating.

  3. Yeah, cats are THE best defense against rodents and they maximize anti-infestation, period. If people who are supposed to know that, don’t, we don’t have people in places they need to be in. All the time I hear of government over-reaching or not reaching at all… because they’d rather sit on their brains behind a desk. They don’t think “How can I best do my job and serve the community?”. They seem to just ask themselves “What does it pay and how can I get away with doing as little as possible and not get called on it?”. Freakin’ idiots.

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