Famous viral video of pianist and his cat is a FAKE

You might know this cat video. It shows a male pianist playing a nice piece of classical piano music. The cat is on his lap with their paws on the keyboard. The cat has a great relationship with the man which is very apparent. It went viral some time ago and has probably been seen millions of times.

As far as I know no one has spotted the fact that this guy is not playing the music that we hear. Watch the man’s fingers and cross-check their movement over the piano’s keys with the notes of the music and they are not in sync. And the sound of the music is more complex than the movement of the hands. Take your time on this as the fakery has been done well.

It seems that he has spent a decent amount of time practising before the video was filmed in order to match as closely as possible his hand movements with the sound.

Fake - he is not making the music we hear
Fake – he is not making the music we hear. Image: MikeB
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It is a bit tricky to detect his fake piano playing but it is certainly a fake. This is a bit disturbing because once again the public have been fooled by another person who desires to make a viral cat video.

The video wants to send the message to viewers that it is the music which is part of the reason why the cat is so happy. It wants to tell people that this guy makes his cat happy by playing music which the cat loves. This is not true. We don’t know what sound he is making because the soundtrack has been dubbed over the sound he is making if he is making a sound at all. I suspect the ‘music’ he is making is not music at all. It is probably just random notes, disjointed and grating.

We don’t even know if he is the cat’s caregiver. Although it is highly likely as the relationship is great.

Although not relevant to the claim that this video is a fake (except for the obviously loving relationship between cat and person) someone else is probably behind the camcorder. I’d say that it was not made by the person we see but someone else.

Just saying. I don’t like being taken for a fool. And I am proud to have unearthed a bit of fakery. Fakery is all over social media. It is the modern world. It is disintegrating.

Is Cartoon Cat real or fake?

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