Fancy Feast Cat Food Becomes Fancy Beast!

This is a weird and arresting photograph. It makes you look twice. To me it is a rapidly growing species of fungus (mold) which has taken hold on the cat food because the can has been open for a while perhaps in warm weather (3/4 of the cat food is still in the can). It is growing at an inch a day! Definitely a fancy beast! At the tips of the strands are the black spores.

It could be Mucor mucedo which is a fungal plant pathogen.

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13 thoughts on “Fancy Feast Cat Food Becomes Fancy Beast!”

  1. Are you familiar with the iconic surrealist fur-lined teacup in NY’s Museum of Modern Art? This reminds me of it — truly a “furrealistic” photo.

  2. How disgusting! Makes me not want to buy wet Fancy Feast.

    I never leave the unused portion outside of the refrigerator for very long. I used to put a lid on the can, but now I transfer it to a glass container for refrigeration. I even add a little water because my older cat prefers the gravy.

  3. I think your identification is probably correct. I looked it up, and saw some similar pictures. Although the weather here has been cold, the can may have been exposed to heat from a sunny window. It’s still fascinating to see.


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