Fancy Names For Maine Coon Cats

BlaznArrow Comanche, a young Maine Coon male from Debbie and Alex McKniff
BlaznArrow Comanche, a young Maine Coon male from Debbie and Alex McKniff. He is an excellent example of the breed albeit in a minority coat color. He was a joy to photograph says Helmi Flick which means he was laid back and cooperative. Photo: copyright Helmi Flick.
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Maine Coon cats have solid characters. I don’t think they should have fancy names. They should be solid, traditional type names. I think a Maine Coon name should ideally have a connection to the state after which the cat breed is named. These are the first domestic cats of America and the first home grown cat breed of America. They were farm cats before they were shown in the first American cat shows.

There are some very applicable names of towns, villages, other places and things in Maine. Here is a selection of male names:

Abbot, Alexander, Baxter, Benton, Blaine, Bradley, Byron, Buck, Cooper, Dexter, Holden, Milo, Sherman, Storm, Waldo, Warren, Wesley, Winn.

And here is a selection of female Maine Coon names taken from places, things and towns in Maine:

Fawn, Marina, Addison, Aurora, Charlotte, Hope, Lee, Madison, Paris, Chelsea, Fern, Lily, Willow.

My favourite for a male name is Benton; it fits nicely with the Maine Coon appearance and character. Benton is just off motorway 95 from Portland to Bangor.

My favourite female name is Charlotte which can be shortened to Charlie which I like because the gender of a cat is less important than for humans. Charlotte is near the east coast and close to the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge. It looks like a rural place.

I’d love to read about your ideas for Maine Coon cat names.

My thanks to and Google maps in researching these names.

4 thoughts on “Fancy Names For Maine Coon Cats”

  1. I love “Camden” for a girl MC, but it can also double for a lil dude. Camden is my lil “Marmalade’s” middle name – she’s a part Coon torby.

    Another super cute unisex name is “Colby,” which is the northernmost liberal arts college in the country (in Waterville, Maine)!

  2. Well, I agree that their names should reflect something other than lots of syllables. (Wow, I spelled that correctly.) I saw my cats character, named him Buddy and he really proved that he was mine. I still feel we were equals. I loved him so much it’s still hard to think about him as gone without tearing up.


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