Farm cats should not drink untreated cow’s milk

Here is an infographic which explains the title above.

Farm cats should not drink untreated cow’s milk
Farm cats should not drink untreated cow’s milk. Image: MikeB. Sources: The Times and Google Gemini.
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And here is a little more information on this important topic. The study referred to took place out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The researchers also found that ferrets which became infected by drinking contaminated cow’s milk did not pass the virus on via their breath.

The mouse model referred to in the infographic might not be applicable to humans but the study does ’emphasis the need for strong monitoring and surveillance’ of the spread of this disease.

CDC has described the bird flu outbreak in the US as an ‘ongoing multi-state outbreak’.

The bird flu outbreak in the United States is significant, particularly affecting wild birds and commercial poultry. Here’s a breakdown based on the latest data from the CDC (as of July 1st, 2024):

  • Wild Birds: Over 9,500 wild birds have tested positive for H5N1.
  • Poultry: The outbreak has impacted nearly 97 million birds in commercial poultry flocks.
  • Dairy Herds: There have been 139 confirmed cases in dairy cattle herds, marking a new development in the outbreak.

While concerning, the CDC currently considers the public health risk to be low. However, they are closely monitoring the situation, especially in light of the recent human cases associated with dairy cattle.

Here are some resources for staying up-to-date:

Bird flu is a zoonosis – it can spread from animals to humans. These are quite rare diseases.

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