Fascinating audio recording of British couple’s thoughts on cat ownership

This is an interesting audio recording on the thoughts and ideas of a British couple, Barry and Kammy, on their relationship with their cat, Piedie, and on cat ownership in general. Piedie is a very sweet tortoiseshell cat. She is about 7-years-of-age.

Kammy and Barry

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The recording also touches on the relationship between domestic cats and people in Thailand as Kammy is Thai. The purpose of this recording is to try and get inside the head of British people with respect to domestic cat ownership. The British have a slightly different relationship with cats compared to Americans.


I think that audio files are best listened to in bed, thoroughly chilled out. You can then let the conversation waft over you as you zone out for 30 mins. The recording lasts 27 minutes. Barry and Kammy are excellent cat caretakers. They are thoughtful and experienced. I hope Americans enjoy hearing them talk about their relationship with their cat and the Thailand discussion is very interesting too.

audio recording of British couple discussing cat ownership in England

I enjoyed discussing cat caretaking with them. We carried on for a long time after I stopped recording as it naturally flowed onto other aspects of cat caretaking. I limited the recording time because the file becomes very heavy.

I’d like to call this a podcast as I intend to do some more. I have an interest in audio recordings because it is a different and original way to present information about cat ownership on the internet. Cat experts can learn a lot from ‘ordinary’ cat owners because they have a wealth of valuable first hand experience and it is easier to take in information through the spoken word compared to the written word in my view. I hope people agree.

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