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Fascinating feline love triangle (video)?

Does this video show a fascinating feline love triangle in which one cat is caught cheating on another or is this a case of a dominant cat (the ginger-and-white) exerting his authority over two others on his territory?

Feline love triangle? Or one dominant cat dominating two others on his territory?

The video seems to show a black cat being caught cheating on a ginger-and-white tabby who finds out that his black cat companion has a new love interest, a brown tabby (Dragon Li). The brown tabby disappears as soon as he/she sees the ginger cat and then the black turns around and is shocked by the ginger’s presence and (s)he growls and then runs off as well with his/her hears back. The black cat is clearly scared of the ginger as was the brown tabby.

Feline love triangle or ginger tabby terrorising cats in his territory?

I am going to hazard a guess that this is not a cat love triangle but a couple of stray cats – the black one and the brown tabby who really get one well – who are being terrorised by the ginger cat. My guess is that the ginger regards the area as his and that he (the ginger is probably male) is the dominant cat in the area.

That’s a real guess because it is just possible there is a love triangle. One of the remarkable aspects of the video is the way the black cat and the brown tabby absolutely adore each other. They seem to be ‘in love’ to use human language.

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