Fashion’s top cat earned £3 million from two modelling jobs

Fashion’s top cat is Karl Lagerfeld’s Birman cat, Choupette. She is three years of age. Lagerfeld describes his cat as the most famous cat in the world and the richest. He says that she’s like a human. He is besotted and that’s fine.

Largerfeld photographs Choupette
Lagerfeld photographs Choupette. Choupette is earning millions!
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Lagerfeld claims that his pet made 3 million from two modelling jobs last year. If this claim is true her earnings are possibly higher than Cara Delevigne’s.

However, the most likely explanation is not that Choupette earned the money but that the amount includes Lagerfeld’s fees for working on a photo shoot with his cat for the German cat manufacturer, Opel. If this is true, which is likely, then Lagerfeld’s fee of £3 million gives us an indication as to why he is so rich.

Choupette has 54,000 Instagram followers. The news media were saying that she was a Siamese cat. I suppose to the untrained eye she was a pointed cat and therefore automatically Siamese but her fur is too long and her body shape is certainly not that of a modern Siamese cat.

She has “written” a book, posed for Shu Uemura, a cosmetics brand and as mentioned has been involved with Lagerfeld in promoting Opel motor cars.

We have to concede that domestic cats are very good businesses nowadays. The celebrity cats have truly earned a lot for their owners.

8 thoughts on “Fashion’s top cat earned £3 million from two modelling jobs”

  1. “GRUMPY CAT” is definitely the cat model icon of the “INTERNET ERA” and a multimillionaire to boot on its own fame. Karl.Lagerfeld’s cat “CHOUPETTE” is actually a off-shoot of the fame of its owner, a World celebrity fashion designer.Does anyone remember the names of “GRUMPY CAT” human owners ? This explains the difference between “CHOUPETTE” and “GRUMPY CAT”.Yes, both are definitely the luckiest cats in the world.

    • Well said, Rudolph. You’ve hit the nail on the head. I suppose that Carl Lagerfeld is really indulging in self-promotion whereas Grumpy Cat’s owner is simply exploiting her cat to make money. Different objectives.

  2. I think Helmi would be the best photographer for Choupette, but then I haven’t seen Lagerfeld’s close ups of her, and don’t watch TV.

    I wonder if Choupette donates to cat causes.

  3. She is a very lovely cat, but I think Grumpy Cat makes the most money in the world for her greedy owner.(Not that Largerfeld is greedy. You got the talent, you get the big bucks.) She is certainly not the most famous. I know this is open to debate. It used to be Maru (I think), but I’m sure Grumpy Cat has taken the lead. Lil Bub is no slouch either, but I don’t think her face is all over the place like Grumps is.

    Thanks Michael. I suppose a tasteful shot of Cara Delevigne wouldn’t of been out of the question. 😉

    • I have heard of Cara (just!). You are right, Lagerfeld is exaggerating big time about fame. Grumpy is more famous and, as you say, he makes more money.

      Despite that I think the relationship between Lagerfeld and Choupette is quite sweet if a little bizarre. Better than the relationship between Grumpy Cat and her owner.


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