Fat Cat MEOW Has Died


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Fat cat MEOW has died. I wrote the story of this amazing overweight cat a few weeks ago as those at the Sante Fe Humane Society and Animal Shelter worked to help Meow shed some of his 39 pounds. Unfortunately, Meow lost his battle on May 5 due to pulmonary failure. He’d began wheezing a few days earlier.

Meow was doing so well in his new foster home. He’d been going up and down stairs and asking for affection and just being an overall great cat. Just as important, Meow brought the subject to the forefront that having an overweight pet isn’t just unhealthy, it can also prove fatal.

Here’s a short video…

Meow had a team of four different vets trying to save his life. None of them were able to save him. Asthma was first suspected as his breathing became more labored. He underwent a battery of medical tests, including an ultrasound and x-rays. He was put on oxygen. In the end, his lungs failed him. His system just couldn’t handle the excess weight.

Meow didn’t die in vain. His story has educated cat owners about the dangers of an overweight cat. Overweight cats aren’t cute. A cat has a better chance at a long life being slightly underweight than from being overweight. Many cat owners put their own overweight cats on a diet after hearing the story of this beautiful cat who has now died way before his time.

The average healthy weight for an adult male cat of his breed is around 12 pounds. Meow weighed 39 when he was turned into the shelter by his elderly owner, who could no longer care for him.

Santa Fe shelter director Mary Martin told the Associated Press “It was a shock and horror for all of us. We all fell in love with him.”

Readers, feed your cats good quality food and monitor your cats weight. My cats have food available around the clock and are self regulated in their feeding. Meaning they don’t eat to the extent they get fat. It’s difficult for me to understand how such a beautiful cat could become this huge in his short two years on this earth.

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Fat Cat MEOW Has Died

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Jun 02, 2012
Fat Cat MOEW Has Died NEW
by: Shelby Lapinski

plase send me all of his videos you guys took of him at ww**************@gm***.com

May 18, 2012
Hope NEW
by: Michael Obesity is a growing problem in the West generally in people and cats. I hope this is a wake up call. I find it a bit sad because he became famous because he was fat. The fact that he was near death at the time was ignored initially. It is part of the celebrity culture of the modern world. Anything extreme gets in the news. Not sure if that is a good thing. Associated: Healthy Cat Weight

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