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Fat Freddy’s Cat — 9 Comments

  1. Takes me back…….I loaned “Chariots of the Globs” to a friend who returned it to my Father. Even my old man was chortling at the “Ee Aye Ee Eye Oh” gags !

    • Thanks Chris. I was talking to a friend at the gym yesterday and has created (in my mind!) a new cat cartoon character. I thought it was time to create a new, modern era, cat cartoon character. For me all the great cartoons were created many years ago in the middle of the 20th century.

  2. this cat made me nearly piss my pants on a train goin home to oldham the one where he shits in the headphones lol the whole train was looking at me witch made me laugh more. the fools coudent see my comic,i have a tatt on mi shoukder of this cat ,he reminds me of me

  3. One of” the funniest was when fat freddy comes home and he smells cat crap. He is swearing about what he is going to do to the cat when he catches him,,,,,meanwhile the cat is hiding under the couch and is thinking and smiling to himself, “wait till he puts his earphones on”.

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